Friday Lens Affair #2


Leafy sea dragon. Monterey, US.

This week yet again I’m featuring my own picture and still waiting for all participants willing to have their photograph hosted on my Friday Lens Affair Series which I intend as an eternal and very important part of my blog! This photo of leafy sea dragon is very dear to my heart. I’m not sure how to explain it. Photographies from last, this and next week make me very sentimental. All of them for different reasons I guess!

Picture Story: Leafy sea dragon, Monterey, USA

I photographed this amazing creature in Monterey Aquarium back in June of 2010 during my two-months long road trip in the West Coast. Which I managed without having a driving license. Ha ha ha.

No, no, do not worry, I haven’t been breaking law! My partner from that period, also known as Mr Wrong, did the job! :) On the beginning I felt a bit guilty for being such a Princess but I quickly forgot about it while admiring all those beautiful views when we drove Highway 1 in Mustang convertible!

Maybe sounds like a cliche, but what can I do, we Europeans think it is cool! :)

It is a leafy sea dragon, apparently kind of a seahorse. Found it in ‘The Secret Lives of Seahorses’ exhibition. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it, the normal seahorses which I adore as well suddenly seemed so common.

As a devoted diver I always wanted and still want to see seahorse live while diving. It is not easy and you have to be lucky, but as I’m also known as The Luckiest Girl in the World, I’m sure I will meet them sooner than later! Seeing leafy sea dragon will be just like a cherry on the cake!

14 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #2

  1. WOW, what a stunning photo! I don’t think it gets any more beautiful than a sea horse!
    Stephanie Mayo recently posted…Venomous Fish, Prefect Predators and Ray Bay, Oh My!My Profile

    • Thanks a lot Stephanie! I do really love them! I think they are so cool. Would love to see them live underwater! One day!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #55My Profile

  2. Jade Johnston -

    Aww I love sea dragons! I havn’t seen one in real life though

    • My Travel Affairs

      Jade Im sure sooner than later You will see one somewhere. What would be really cool is to see them in their natural habitat while diving, they are the most infrequently seen animals while diving, so it is kind of tricky. They say that the biggest probability to see them is in Mabul, Sipadan (Malaysia). Oh well, maybe one day :)

  3. Angela

    Mother Nature is truly amazing..

    • My Travel Affairs

      You said it all Angela!

  4. cynthia

    Super pic, looks almost fluorescent!

    • My Travel Affairs

      It does Cynthia, there were few of them, but this one was very light colour, maybe it is age thing, would need to read more about it! Ha ha ha!

  5. My Travel Affairs

    Erica I think that ‘sea slugs’ are much more colorful , but cool as well :)

  6. Oh wow! That’s a sea horse?? I would have mistaken it for a nudibranch.
    Erica Hargreave recently posted…A Rainy Day Adventure at the Museum of VancouverMy Profile

  7. Cindy

    Wow, that is amazing! I thought it was some sort of seaweed at first. I wonder if it looks like that to blend in. Beautiful picture!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thank You, I love this picture as well. Im sure it is a camouflage, almost a perfect one! :)

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