Friday Lens Affair #27


Maasai Boy, Tanzania

This week I wish to introduce you Emma Spires who has been on the road for past nine years and her photograph of Maasai boy from Tanzania. Her first trip was a solo adventure to Ghana, West Africa. Where she participated in a volunteering project. You can read about her adventures at Backpacking Spirit Blog which documents her trip through every continent in the world. The highs, the lows, and everything in between!

Emma’s website Backpacking-Spirit provides travellers with first-rate travel tips, advice and inspiration. It’s also a place where you can find reviews and recommendations for backpacking supplies, packing check lists, and backpacking stories from travellers around the world. Please follow her adventures on Twitter and Facebook.

I have chosen this picture because as I have mentioned once already Maasai community is very interesting and one day I would love to travel either to Kenya or Tanzania and stay in one of their village to properly observe their culture and traditions. That would be pretty spectacular I must admit! But as we all know I’m The Luckiest Girl in the World I know it will happen sooner than later! And be sure I will write about it here on my travel blog!

Picture Story: Maasai Boy, Tanzania

This photo was taken en route to the Serengeti National Park to do a safari in Tanzania. As we were driving down a particularly dusty, bumpy track I spotted through the window this beautiful giraffe. We stepped out of the car to take a photo. Just as we were snapping away, this young Maasai boy ran across the scene. Looking back at the photo it was evident that it had actually made a pretty good shot!


18 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #27

  1. Jason Laws

    It’s amazing that this woman seems to effortlessly be going about her day, en route to her destination, against backdrop of such an amazing creature like the giraffe. Seemingly a normal part of her landscape, equivalent to us walking by a dog or a tree in the park. A fun captture.

    • It is all about perspective, for her is normal, for us quiet unique! So unique that we travel hours and miles to get to see them!
      Marysia recently posted…Tongue Tied in Ten LanguagesMy Profile

  2. Traveling Ted

    This is a beautiful shot that captures two awesome reasons to travel in one picture: the unique places and the people/culture.
    Traveling Ted recently posted…Third annual Leinies Friendly Float down the Chicago RiverMy Profile

  3. Ariana Louis

    Great blog! I wonder how come I did’t find it before! Keep up the good work!

  4. Johansen all the compliments are for Emma!
    My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #17My Profile

  5. Johansen

    Wonderful photo. I love how the subject is focused. You got skills!

  6. Cheap Flights Trip

    Wonderful post and travel blog. Thank you so much..

  7. Dana

    Superb photography!

  8. Dana Carmel

    I’m planning to go to Tanzania this December and I hope that my camera and I can capture some moments like this. Great shot!

  9. India Travel Agent

    Awesome write up!

  10. Nisha all the complements should go to people who are participants of the series! And indeed there are some amazing photos out there!
    My Travel Affairs recently posted…From the Road: Baku – QusarMy Profile

  11. Nisha

    Yes, the boy has added charm to the photo.

    P.S.- Your photos are gorgeous! I loved them. :-)
    Nisha recently posted…Montserrat, a serrated mountainMy Profile

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