Friday Lens Affair #3


Playground. Dahab, Egypt.

Hello, all of you my lovely readers! This is the last week when I’m featuring my own, this one was taken in Dahab, Egypt.

As I have mentioned in a previous post. All those pictures are somehow special to me. It is hard to explain why, but they all are from important travels in my life!

And even though I didn’t like Egypt. It was the only Arabic country I have ever visited where I felt uncomfortable! Where men where so rude it is hard to explain! It is one of the very little places that I really hated!

I love diving and this was the main purpose of my trip to Egypt but the Red Sea is big and accessible from other countries, so thank you but no thank you!

Picture Story: Dahab, Egypt

I caught this scene in Dahab, back in 2008. After an amazing day which contained a lot of diving and good food.

We walked out of the restaurant and then I spotted this little ship behind empty ‘parking lot’. When I approached closer I saw the boys taking over.

I was so amazed, kids have this surprising ability to turn anything into something cheerful, even the old boat which here became a pirate launch! Where do we lose it on the way of growing up?

Actually, Dahab was the only good thing that happened to us on this trip, it was nice, people were great and diving superb!

Maybe that is why this picture is so close to my heart! Because it gave me hope, that maybe, after all, Egypt is not so terrible as it looks!

Or maybe because it was one of the very last big trips with my best friend Miss Famous Tennis Player?!

6 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #3

  1. Wayne Stephens

    This picture is lovely, I like the desolate backdrop and the rickety boat, reminds me of a time where anything had the possibility to become fun and adventurous. Great post.

    • My Travel Affairs

      There was something about this site, I took many many pictures…and those Boys…

  2. Murissa

    Fabulous image! I love when you stumble on unique visuals such as this while traveling. Sometimes they are so profound they can even inspire poetry.

    I’d love to have some of my photos published on your website! What do you look for in an image?

    The Wanderfull Traveler

    • My Travel Affairs

      I always look for something striking, possibly with a story behind to imagine :) Send me an email via contact table and lets talk :)

  3. This made me smile. Our kids have the same ability – I often catch them having a ball in dentist’s waiting rooms, under random trees in parks, or just sitting on the floor in a restaurant. It’s a great gift.

    • My Travel Affairs

      That is very true Micki. I meant all kids. But very little adults manage to sustain that ability! :)

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