Friday Lens Affair #32


King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

This week I’m hosting what has to be the cutest photograph ever! Rocky – King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is undoubtedly a member of the Oranje Explorers team. This particular picture has been taken by lovely Annie Cheney while her partner Marko took the wheel. Follow their adventures on Twitter as well!

Marco and Annie met through Couchsurfing and has been traveling together ever since! It sounds awfully romantic but I’m glad to see such things happening via Couchsuring as recently this website didn’t have good publicity Ha ha ha

By the way if you are a Couchsurfer please do not hesitate to contact me. Wait! No, no! I’m not looking for a partner! Ok, it came out very wrongly! Lets forget about it, unless you are a handsome rugby player of course :)

Picture story: Rocky – King Charles Cavalier Spaniel 

The setting is Germany, behind the camera is Annie (that’s me) and that adorable face is Rocky. Rocky is a King Charles Cavalier spaniel, in this photo he is ten weeks old and this is his first experience of riding with his head out of the window. Rocky joined us at the age of 8 weeks and almost immediately we departed on our European road trip.

Each of us with a passport from a different country: mine from the USA, my boyfriend Marko’s from the UK and little dog Rocky with his Netherlands passport (yep, he really has his own passport).

This photo captures just one of the many things that Rocky has experienced since he started his world travels. This week, he turned 4 months and amazingly he has seen 8 countries. A little dog with big ambitions to traverse the globe; this picture was just the beginning for him…


4 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #32

  1. Swati Singh - India Heritage Sites

    He is sooooo cute! 8 countries already? He should have his own travel journal titled ‘Around the world in 80 barks bow wow’ :)

    • Ha ha ha, with this speed he will travel whole world faster than me :)

  2. Jon Patrick

    That is so adorable! Thanks for sharing! The Cavalier spaniel was one of our top choices, but we ended up with a Bichon and a mutt. Pretty darn cute themselves!

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