Friday Lens Affair #36


Pablo Guzman's Grandpa, USA

This week I’m hosting a personal photograph taken by Pablo Guzman from Where is Pablo Blog. Man in the picture is his grandpa and his niece. Pablo is an explorer with a big passion for travel and photography. You can check it out yourself on Pablo Guzman Photograph and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

I have chosen this picture because I find it extremely beautiful. Maybe I’m being romantic here but there is nothing more important in your life than family and this picture illustrate this simple truth ideally.

Picture Story: Pablo Guzman’s Grandpa, USA

It’s interesting looking at how this picture came together. It’s more than just a grandfather spending time and embracing his granddaughter. It’s a culmination of struggle and determination that made this moment possible.

My grandpa worked in the Bracero Program back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The program brought Mexican manual labourers to the U.S. to work mostly on sugar beet fields. His working through the program allowed him to earn money and more easily acquire a green card and bring the family over.

It took some time, but finally, in the 70’s he was able to bring his wife and 4 kids at the time to the United States. My mom was one of the 4 as well as my uncle who is the father of this beautiful little girl.

My grandpa is now a U.S. citizen who has retired. Owns a house. Has no debt and can spend time enjoying the company of his growing family, beautiful grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. His hard work and determination for a better life and future allows for beautiful moments like this to happen and be cherished.

7 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #36

  1. pauljosefh

    Nice post!

  2. Dana Carmel

    Great photo, and great picture of the immigrant experience!

  3. Hogga

    What a cute little girl@!
    Hogga recently posted…Seeing Montreal with Le St. MartinMy Profile

  4. noel

    Beautiful image, you can almost see the so much in these types of portraiture

    Thanks also for linking up today for Travel Photo Mondays – have a great week ahead.

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