Friday Lens Affair #38


Marrakech Grand Bazaar, Morocco

This Friday I’m hosting a night picture from Marrakech Grand Bazaar taken by Anna Frisk from Cut the Kitsch. Anna is a modern nomad and an aspiring photographer. One thing I can say about Anna, she surly knows how to enjoy life! Check her blog, Facebook and Twitter for more of those great stories and photographies.

I have chosen this picture because it brings my good memories from my superb trip to Morocco earlier this year! I had truly an amazing time in this country. This photograph reminded me all about it! Reminded me as well, that I still have not written even one post about the lovely country!

I will surly write about all my adventures. About Rabat, Casablanca and Fez. About desert, superb architecture, great people and of course Marrakech Grand Bazaar. Filled with sounds, spices, lights and people! Hectic, colourful and lively. Oh and I really can remember how many of those delicious orange juices I had, but more than many :)

Picture Story: Marrakech Grand Bazaar, Morocco

Morocco, much like India, is a sensory experience. You don’t just see it. You smell it. Hear it. Feel it. It’s the citrus squeezed for fresh juice. The vivid colours stretched intricately over woven carpets. The roars of hustlers trying to sell their wares, and the plight of the monkey sitting atop his master’s head.

The most iconic spot of Marrakech is the famous Jemaa el Fna Square. You can envision the blur of passerby. The enviable street food to try, and the endless buzz of the market. And as the sun set, the rancor just gets louder, messier and even more crazy! And that’s when I captured this moment.

Lured by its landscape, people, and geography, I have always wanted to visit Morocco. And no doubt, I’ll be back.

6 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #38

  1. Raymond Waruhari

    Cool photo. Morocco is just great!

  2. Great shot! Everyone says the same about Morocco – it’s a feast for all the senses. Can’t wait to experience it.

  3. Chad Klyne

    I love that city! Definitely one of the coolest squares in the world!

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