Friday Lens Affair #4


Beng Mealea Temple Boy, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Today I’m pleased to feature photograph taken in Beng Mealea Temple by Laura Ann Klein from Edgy June Travels Blog. I really love Laura’s style. Her About Me section is too funny! She is really hilarious! This is how she describe herself. ‘This June Cleaver hates to cook, loves to swear, likes a cocktail or two; begrudgingly vacuums, and probably gives bad advice.’ To here more of her witty and edgy sense of humour follow Laura on Twitter.

I felt in love with this picture from the first sight. Kids (and this boy from Beng Mealea Temple is no different) are so gracious when it comes to pictures! They always catch your heart, even if you are like me and really do not want to have your owns!

When I travelled in South East Asia for two months four years ago I have met many of those cute boys and girls. I always love to talk with them, let them touch my skin (they were all super amazed that you can be so pale)! But after all those kids represent much bigger problem with Asia is experiencing but about that maybe in some other post!

Picture Story: Beng Mealea Temple Boy, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Taken at Beng Mealea temple outside Siem Reap in Cambodia. This young man trailed along behind our guide and offered bits of trivia about the temple as well as pointing out beautiful bits of art and sculpture which had fallen to ruin below the wooden walkways.

He roamed the temple freely and was a gentle introduction to the more aggressive temple children. Unlike the others, he was only interested in showing us his special place.

12 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #4

  1. Ric

    Looking at the boy, i said to myself that he is an Asian boy. After reading the text, yes, I was right. He is Cambodian. Great smile and great shot. I like the background and so with the tree!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Indeed there is something about this Boy…I think it is his eyes, they are so deep and cheerful!

  2. My Travel Affairs

    Thanks Diy. Most of my blog post are not that short only the Friday Lens Affair series but indeed they are short and precise….;)

  3. Sandra Smith

    Great Photo, your blog gives me an idea, short article and yet precise.

  4. Marie

    He does have a special light in his eyes. What a great memory captured.

    • My Travel Affairs

      Betty and Mari indeed his eyes are striking! That’s what won me over this image.

  5. Betty Clark

    His eyes alone would steal your heart. Great photo!

  6. Ken

    Nice short article

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thank You Ken.

  7. Walter

    How about photographs from my recent photo contest entry?
    Walter recently posted…Gritti Palace – Top Luxury Hotel in VeniceMy Profile

    • My Travel Affairs

      I love especially Fisherman’s Business Bicycle by the Beach one! Really good one!

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