Friday Lens Affair #41


Horses, Shiprock, USA

Today I’m hosting a first black and white photograph in my series. It has been taken in Shiprock by Diana Price from A Table For One Please, but you can admire here amazing shots on her photography page. If you like this one please show your support on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture Story: Shiprock, USA

I’ve been a travel nurse for many years, based primarily in Arizona, and working there, as well as Colorado and New Mexico. I had moved there because of my intense attraction to the desert and those huge mesas of the whole four corners area, and too many Sergio Leone films as a child.

In particular, I’ve always been fascinated with Native American culture, and have been fortunate enough to work several times on the Navajo reservation. This is truly a whole other world, and you know it as soon as you cross those cattle guards at the roads coming in: A lot of the land is fenceless and livestock roams freely. It’s a whole different vibe and you feel it right away.

Or as I always say, “Toto, we are not in Kansas, anymore.” And in fact, we aren’t really in the United States proper any more, but another nation under US government rule.

This was one of many photos taken on one of my days off, driving the roads around Shiprock with my camera in tow, which is about all there is to do in that area, especially when you work four or five 12-hour night shifts a week. No matter where I travel, I always find myself returning here again and again, and I’m becoming awfully familiar with the backroads of Navajo country for a “belagana.”

I really wanted to get that “wild horses running, Marlboro ad” thing going, but all they would do is stare at me. Oh, well. This shot was in New Mexico, north of Shiprock.


2 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #41

  1. Bianca⎜nomadbiba

    Even if the horses are not running, it’s still a stunning shot. It looks like an amazing place to see one day! Thanks for sharing
    Bianca⎜nomadbiba recently posted…Lake Titicaca – Avoid the Crowds, Escape to CapachicaMy Profile

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