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This Friday I’m hosting photograph from a friend of mine Magdalena Krukowska from Lost in Translation. I know Magda for many years. We have travelled together in Asia back in 2008. She is a great photographer! You would have to see here camera bag! Bigger than my clothes bag! Lol She has only started her affair with blogging, but is an established writer and photographer. To see more of her pictures visit her Flickr and read her articles at Forbes Magazine.

Photo Story: Helicopter, Turkana, Kenya

I took this picture in Turkana region (Kenya), where we visited one of the most remote villages there. Turkana people are not very keen on tourists’ visits, but this single family was very hospitable. Few years ago one of these boys, just born at the moment, was seriously ill and the only foreign tourist in the nearby area had ordered a helicopter to carry the boy to the hospital, which saved baby’s life. To celebrate this his parents gave him a name “Helicopter” :-)

Turkana region is located in the Northern Kenya, close to the border with Ethiopia, and people living there are very poor as it is almost impossible to breed anything on that dry soil, and communication with the rest of the country almost does not exist. Children living there rarely go to any school and they have to produce their toys on their own. This lorry at the picture was made of wire and the authors are very proud of their craft work!

Life of Turkana people will become more and more difficult in the oncoming years as Ethiopia is building a huge dam, which relies on River Omo that feeds Turkana lake. The construction will  threaten the lake, which is now the only source of water and food for the local communities.


17 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #47

  1. Leo Anthony

    African people are so creative. They can create a gecko or an elephant from an old aluminium can, use car tyres to make sandals, and bits of wire to make just about anything really.
    Leo Anthony recently posted…Algeria: An Account of my Two Week Sojourn in the Company of Sofian Mihoub. Part IV: TaghitMy Profile

    • I do agree, people in Africa are great with ‘recycling’ but it still doesn’t mean we should sell our garbage to them only because it is cheaper than recycle them in Europe!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #58My Profile

  2. Huldra

    Love the picture, and thank you for sharing the story :)

    • Thanks a lot, I felt for the photo from the first sight!

  3. Kiks

    Perfectly captured…I love the effect..

  4. Mellisa Turner

    Beautiful shot, but having a sad story internally.

    • I like the part f the story that he has been saved and is smiling and alive, but who knows how long the simile on his face will keep you when the reality of dam will come true!?
      Marysia recently posted…From the Road: Borjomi – Tbilisi TrainMy Profile

  5. Such a sad story. I hate to see that the country is allowing to build such a huge damn when it’s going to be effecting it’s people in a negative way. While I was traveling through Tibet I saw many children who played next to the rivers that were just filled with garbage. It was obvious that they were rummaging through it all to find their next toy…sad sad. Beautiful photo though. :-)

    • Photography is amazing, I love those boys! But indeed those days decisions in most of African countries are made without a slight consideration of how it will affect people or wildlife in the area. It is sad to watch and I’m afraid they will start thinking when it will be too late, when animals will be extinct and people too tired by the reality and circumstances of their lives!
      Marysia recently posted…#MTAnews : I’m back!My Profile

  6. ladyfi

    That’s a great shot!

  7. Ann

    Amazing photographs! How old are the children in the photo?

    • To be honest I have no idea, we need to wait for Magda to answer this question…

    • I am happy you liked the photo. To be honest I don’t remember well how old were the boys. The elder one (on the right) was going to school (yes, there is one in the nearby village!) , he must have been 8-9 at the moment. Actually he was the only one who could go to school, the rest of children had to stay with parents and work..

  8. Autumn

    What a great photograph! And a sad story… so many people struggling in this world. :(

    • I actually do not think the story is sad, after all the Boy have been saved. Of course it would be ideal if he would never be in such situation at first but this world is not perfect and indeed need fixing in many many aspects!

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