Friday Lens Affair #62

Thai soup, Chiang Mai Market

Oh Friday, dear Friday! Let’s have some food today! This week I’m featuring a photograph from Chiang Mai Market in Thailand.

I love food and when I read this story and could imagine being in the same situation as Ivana Greslikova and Gianni Bianchini from Nomad is Beautiful Blog!

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Picture Story: Chiang Mai Market, Thailand

We do love setting off early in the morning to catch the atmosphere of towns “waking up”.

This particular day, we were on our feet since the early morning, wandering around the city and exploring Chinatown and Chiang Mai Market.

We basically stopped every second to take pictures of street vendors unloading vans, cutting veggies, peeling fruits and selling their goods, animals playing on top of the tables, kids sleeping under the same tables, all in perfect street hectic harmony.

Chiang Mai Market in the morning is like a hectic and spectacular show!

We were so busy and excited about the place that we did not realize how the time was flying and how far we were from the place where we planned to have lunch.

Suddenly, the early afternoon sunlight got so bright and strong that we just had to escape into the shade and eat something.

We entered the Warorot Market in hopes of finding something, anything, to eat. Surprisingly, at that time of day.

There were no noodles, rice or sweet potatoes, as we imagined. We found a great variety of tea and nuts, though, and we bought a pu-erh tea, which we later realized was a fake.

While we were strolling among the aisles of mushrooms, teas, dried fruits, nuts and herbs. We found this girl eating her lunch, squeezed between the produce she was selling.

She was so focused on checking her mobile that she was putting the food into her mouth on autopilot, not seeing or hearing anything around her.

After we took this picture of her, we approached her and asked her with gestures where we could find some food.

She misunderstood us in the cutest possible way and offered us a taste of her meal. We stared at her for a second, amazed, before thanking her and gesturing again to ask if there was a stall to get the same food.

Finally, she got it and pointed to a tiny place hidden downstairs behind the aisles, where only locals were eating.

We almost jumped on the small plastic chairs while waiting for one of the best soup ever here in Chiang Mai Market.

Delicious, tasty, spicy, and served with the cook’s love and a smile.

Here is a perfect 2 – week Thailand itinerary. In which Chiang Mai is included, so if you love the idea of checking Chiang Mai on your Thailand trip, you gonna love this itinerary.

43 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #62

  1. Jasmine

    For the Photo Lens Affair competition this one is my favourite, because it is such a common sight in Asia and really represents the area and the people. Theres so much life and people at the markets, especially in Thailand.. Its great to capture a moment so natural as is this one :)
    Jasmine recently posted…Cost of living in Hong Kong vs MelbourneMy Profile

  2. Tamika Rybinski

    Great picture!

  3. Jade

    Welcome to Chiang Mai! The markets are a lot of fun. If you want any recommendations, I’m happy to share our favorite spots—though from the comments it sounds like you’re no longer still here.

  4. Tamika Rybinski

    What a cool story! How nice that she was willing to share her food. Pretty friendly!

  5. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz

    That’s a great shot. A little sad to me, too.

  6. Bianca

    That’s a cute photo, glad you managed to find a great spot to eat. Also great in that its where the locals eat rather than some stuff some may fob off to tourists. I am gutted that my friend is moving back from Thailand before I managed to visit but I would still love to visit in the very new future.

  7. That is so sweet that she offered you her own food! Great photo and story!
    Lauren recently posted…Caribbean Cruise – Downtown Oranjestad, Aruba (Day 8)My Profile

  8. Erica Baker

    Loved your description of the Chiang Mai markets. My husband and I were there this past summer and really enjoyed walking through them. The story of the women offering you her food is so sweet!

  9. I love Chiang Mai, and I love a great market…so yes…love this photo!
    Corinne recently posted…Singapore’s Signature Dish – The Chili CrabMy Profile

  10. Erco Travels

    Amazing Market and girl with her lunch is looking great!!!

  11. Really love this picture – can’t wait to go to Thailand!
    Ashley recently posted…Five Ways to Spring into NashvilleMy Profile

  12. Caitlyn

    Brilliant picture! It really sums up a lot of memories of markets in Asia for me :)
    Caitlyn recently posted…A traverse around TriglavMy Profile

  13. Great shots! Thanks for sharing! We visited Chiang Mai 4 years ago and loved it!
    The Crowded Planet recently posted…Jordan Road TripMy Profile

  14. I love Ivana & Gianni’s blog! And this story illustrates why. Story like this is exactly what I always look for and hope to find on my travels. Something totally local and authentic. Glad to hear the soup was delicious and served with a smile.
    frankaboutcroatia recently posted…What to do in Croatia in springMy Profile

  15. That’s awesome that the market girl was willing to share her food. I’m wondering what was going through her mind.
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} recently posted…A Rat the Size of a Toddler and other Australian Animal LessonsMy Profile

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