Friday Lens Affair #71

Camel on the beach in Mombasa, Kenya

This week I’m featuring a superb photography of a camel. Taken by Milene van Arendonk from Milgrations Blog in Mombasa! This Girl has an amazing Bucket List! And some of the things are so much on mine as well :)

Picture Story: Camel on the beach in Mombasa, Kenya

In 2013 I lived in Luwero, Uganda for 8 months due to the fact that I was there on a tourist-visa I needed to cross the border every 3 months and pay the 50 US Dollar visa fee. What better way to obtain a new visa with a week holiday in sunny Mombasa? So for a week I traded the Ugandan village for a white sandy beach with blue clear water in Mombasa, Kenya.

There I was lying on the beach with my eyes closed listening to the sound of the water hitting the shore when a small sandstorm hit me. Of course I had my mouth open, why do I always have my mouth open when I sleep? So I immediately sat up straight to get the sand of my tongue when I saw what had caused the small sand storm.

A cute camel was the reason. His boss was walking in front of him and I’m sure the camel winked at me, or was it his boss? I can’t remember. It was such a beautiful sight to see the camel on the beach with the clear blue water and sky behind him. I never had thought to see a camel on the beach in Mombasa but here he was and here I was astonished by this wonderful view, I just had to take a picture.

Now I’m not fond of using animals for human pleasure, thus I didn’t ride him and I don’t support the camel riding. But when I walked to the village for some shopping I happen to arrive at the camel farm. When I looked over the fence a young boy told me to come in. He showed me around and honestly? I have never seen animals being treated this good. The camels had loads of grass to eat, had a big place where they could rest in the shadow, the boy made sure they had enough water and even brushed them. I think wild camels would be jealous.

I helped him a bit and even got licked by one of the camels – I’m sure it was the one that winked at me earlier. So when I look back at the picture I see a perfectly happy and healthy camel walking the beach of Mombasa like a true model.

13 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #71

  1. Milene, that truly does look like a model scene. I once saw a camel on the beach in India and I have to admit that I was not less surprised as you were. It really did make a great sight though… :)
    Dennis Kopp recently posted…Museumsinsel, the Museum Island of BerlinMy Profile

  2. Milene

    Thank you Marysia for featuring my photos and thanks everyone for the nice comments! I didn’t ride the camel (here) but this view was just asking for a photo =)
    Milene recently posted…Buenos Aires, day in day outMy Profile

  3. Fun photo (but what’s with requiring a word count in comments?).

    • It is just some settings in the plug in I’m using, so people leave more meaningful comments than 3 words :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #71My Profile

  4. Nish

    Lovely photo and love your blog too.

  5. Wow! This makes me remember when I rode a camel in Israel, and even when driving we would see them being walked.
    the cape on the corner recently posted…Views from Notre Dame-top 3My Profile

    • Ha ha ha, I live in Israel now, you know? I love bringing good memories to people, that is what photographies are for!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #71My Profile

  6. Very cool capture!
    Cathi recently posted…GrapevinesMy Profile

    • I tend to agree, I have some great captures of camels fro the beach in Egypt, will try to dig them out!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #71My Profile

  7. Jessica (Barcelona Blonde)

    What an amazing shot! It sounds like he’s a very well looked after camel, no wonder he looks so happy in the shot.
    Jessica (Barcelona Blonde) recently posted…A Colorful Weekend Safari Through BerlinMy Profile

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