Friday Lens Affair #8


A bull. Sonoma Valley. USA, West Coast

Yet again I’m featuring my own photography in Friday Lens Affair Series. It will happen every now and than, but I do promise it wont’t be too often. There are pictures which I strangely very fond of and want to share them with you. Please note those are not always my best shots but the ones I’m most attached to for unexplainable reasons. So bare with me, next week we will have something special coming! :)

Picture Story: West Coast, USA

I have come across this picture few days ago while browsing photos from my West Coast USA Trip which I took back in June and July of 2010. I’m not usually very sentimental, or maybe I’m but simply do not want to admit it! :)

On the beginning of our journey through the West Coast we have discovered an amazing wine in L’atelier Restaurant in Las Vegas. From winery slightly above Alexander Valley called Flowers. The wine was really really good! We set up our minds on visiting this superb vineyard once we will be in the area. After Vegas it was quiet difficult to get this wine! Most probably we have asked in every restaurant we have visited! That is what I call desperate! Ha ha ha

After contacting them and short email exchange we have been invited to visit the winery! So one day we woke up in the morning and drove there in the mist.  The fog was arising slowly on the soaring cliff over the Pacific Ocean while we drove up. The mist was spectacular, half of the world was normal, full of colours. Another half milky, unsighted, weird but very captivating. And then I spotted ‘The Bull’. Untouched by surroundings, watching me and my camera. This was a great beginning of a ‘more than’ pleasant day :)

People from the winery were super nice, showed us everything around, even though they do not offer normal tours. We had a tasting, lunch and long conversation… good we were travelling with a car which fitted couple of cases in the trunk ha ha ha


12 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #8

  1. Angela

    Sweet picture :)
    Angela recently posted…A trip, a photo – Vegan lunch in Rio de JaneiroMy Profile

  2. Guglielmo

    Nice photo! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Cyber Punk

    I like how personal this post feels. It’s you sharing a moment with the world. Love it. This is a small post, but quite intimate. So I’ll give this post a 3.5 stars (out of 5). Nice blog ;-)

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thanks CyberPunk, have a look at my other post which are not from Friday Lens Affair series, they are much longer :)

  4. Shamis

    The story gives a whole different perspective to the photo. Love the mist in the background.

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thanks Shamis!

  5. Joyness Sparkles

    What a great photo! I love the mist in the background, simply beautiful!

    • My Travel Affairs

      The mist was extraordinary indeed :)

  6. Raghav

    Truly a great story! Superb picture!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thanks Reghav!

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