Friday Lens Affair #80


This week I’m featuring photograph of an incredible iceberg from Kulusuk in Greenland. Taken by Lance & Laura Longwell from Travel Addicts Blog. I have chosen this picture because I always found icebergs a bit magical! Always find them beautiful!

Lance and Laura are super busy people who mastered their travel addiction to perfection ha ha ha You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Picture Story: Iceberg, Kulusuk, Greenland

So there was that time we went to Greenland. While we were in Iceland, I discovered the possibility of doing a day trip to Greenland. Yes, I wanted another passport stamp and I wanted the chance to visit another country (country collecting), but we weren’t prepared for what we experienced.

Our reason for going to Greenland was to see ground zero for climate change.  No other place on the planet is changing as rapidly as this island. The glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and geological formations that have been covered in ice for thousands of years are now visible. I read about this in a National Geographic article two months before our trip and this was how I convinced Laura to go along with my plan. She thought I’d lost my mind.

We arrived on the east coast in Kulusuk, Greenland early in the morning.  It was September and the temperature was warm. Global warming was in full effect and birds filled the skies. But that wasn’t the only thing flying – we found the whole island to be infested with these midge flies. We had a 2 kilometer walk from the airport into the “town” of Kulusuk. That’s 2 kilometers of midge flies.

Did I mention that the midges are attracted to CO2? The same CO2 produced by humans? That was a 2 kilometer walk with these nasty buggers flying up our noses and into our mouths. Laura was not amused and was pretty irritated that I had brought her along on this experience.

The flies eased once we made it to Kulusuk “town”. The town was nothing more than about 30 buildings – a store, a church, and two dozen houses. All the buildings were painted in bright blues, reds and yellows.

But the most striking thing were the children – kids of all ages joining adults and absolutely drunk on alcohol at 10:30 in the morning. It was Saturday – the day after the assistance checks arrived from the government of Denmark.

The town of Kulusuk is entirely dependent on government assistance since there are almost no jobs to speak of on this island peninsula (over 80% of the inhabitants rely on social assistance). It was a rude awakening.

We wanted to learn more about Greenland’s east coast. In many ways, Kulusuk shows what can happen when European colonialism fails to bring economic prosperity to indigenous populations.

In just 150 years, the indigenous islanders went from hunting-fishing in animal skins to picking up tinned foods from the local commissary. Just as the island is experiencing massive change from global warming, the islanders have experienced their own social change.

We reflected on this as we made our way back to the airport via small boats. In the bay, a massive iceberg had recently melted off the glacier and was drifting its way slowly out to sea. We took a minute to admire this frozen beauty and I took this shot.


37 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #80

  1. Kay Dougherty

    Wow – drunk children and adults living on government assistance and flies getting in your nose – what’s not to like? I liked this picture the most visually – it made me think of Iceland which is one of my favorite countries. It did not give me a desire to go to Greenland though!
    Kay Dougherty recently posted…2014: Where we traveled , what we liked and what we didn’tMy Profile

  2. Eimear {}

    I never even thought of going to Greenland, Iceland yes but that is a great idea! What a striking photo, thanks for sharing :-)

  3. What a gorgeous image this is, so peaceful and relaxing yet vividly captures the imagination of a stunning Greenland landscape, which I have to admit would be an awesome place to explore if given the opportunity.
    Chris Boothman recently posted…A Tour of the Clinton Presidential CenterMy Profile

  4. Wesley Travels

    WOW That is such an amazing iceberg
    Wesley Travels recently posted…best places in the world for snorkelingMy Profile

  5. antonette - we12travel

    I’d love to go to Greenland once. Have been to Iceland various times but never made it that far up north. Somehow I’m also fascinated by icebergs. We saw them when roadtrippin’ through Newfoundland, where icebergs calved of the Greenland glaciers pass by through the Iceberg Alley. Very special…
    antonette – we12travel recently posted…Mission 4.000: summiting Mont BlancMy Profile

    • Wow, there is actually Alley of Icebergs? We really learn every day of our lives! And I find icebergs fascinating as well :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #78My Profile

  6. This is absolutely stunning…

    Molly recently posted…Day 211 – FootprintsMy Profile

  7. Alli

    Very interesting. I know very little about Greenland – thanks for enlightening me a bit.

    • Ha ha ha, I myself do not know much so it was super interesting to learn from Laura and Lance :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #76My Profile

  8. dNambiar

    Wow! that iceberg. Nice to learn about midge flies.

  9. I love the photo, too! The description is a little disheartening with how the people are mostly on social assistance and drunk in the morning. And the kids, too. And also sorry to read about those flies – we had them here for a couple of weeks in the spring and they are SO annoying! I’m glad that you were able to see the beauty of the place though! And thank you for sharing this, Marysia!
    Lauren recently posted…Hotel Review: Le Saint-Pierre Auberge Distinctive in Quebec CityMy Profile

  10. Meg

    Amazing!!! We’ve just come through Iceland and I almost thought the photo was from there. After having fallen in love with Iceland I can’t wait to get to Greenland!!
    Meg recently posted…10 More Photos Which Will Make You Jump on a Flight to the Faroe Islands.My Profile

  11. The picture is breathtaking. That blue is unbelievable!
    And the story behind it is so interesting as well: a side of life in Greenland I didn’t know.
    Serena recently posted…Newcastle – or how a cat from Turin has befriended with the GeordiesMy Profile

  12. It is gorgeous, I would love to explore this area some day and see something cold and different from my environment.
    noel recently posted…Game of Thrones set for Alcazar in Seville, SpainMy Profile

  13. Illia

    This is a perfect picture, so calm and eternal!
    Illia recently posted…Malaysia Travel Guide For BackpackersMy Profile

  14. Becky Padmore

    This is something I need to tick off my bucket list soon! Lovely shot!
    Becky Padmore recently posted…America’s most unusual road side attractionsMy Profile

  15. Perfectly captured! Love it and it’s still on my bucket list :).
    Agness recently posted…Dublin For Less Than $25 A DayMy Profile

    • I think I have to stop adding things to my bucket list Agness, it is already never ending! :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #80My Profile

  16. What an incredible picture, Marysia. It just pulls you in. I can’t stop staring at it, wanting to know more.
    Brad Bernard recently posted…The Secret Lives of Bajau Sea Gypsies: A True AccountMy Profile

  17. Laura Hegfield

    Wow, how beautiful. This is a place I would love to visit one day, and Iceland too.

  18. Wow! We’d love to see that one day.
    Alyson recently posted…Truffle Hunting in ItalyMy Profile

  19. Maria

    Truly incredible – much more defined than the ones I see locally
    Maria recently posted…Monster in the ClosetMy Profile

  20. Thanks for including us in your Friday Lens Affair! This is such a great concept.
    Lance recently posted…Experience Africa on Foot – A Safari AdventureMy Profile

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