Friday Lens Affair #9


People. Buenos Aries, La Boca

Today’s photograph was taken in La Boca district of Buenos Aires by Cornelia Lohs, German Journalist living between Europe and US. She is a woman behind two great blogs. Unterwegs in America – where I have discovered this blue gem and Strassen Foto Journal where you can admire her b&w pictures. Follow Cornelia on Twitter to stay updated with her travels.

I have chosen this picture because I have ‘a very genuine thing’ for one-colour photographies! Maybe it is thanks to my OCD ha ha ha I find it stronger in expression when there is a dominating colour, especially blue!

Blue for me is a very calm colour. And here you have this man resting, having a break after a hard day. And this hard day is expressed on the the building stucco. It is a really brilliant composition. I’m not sure if Cornelia was thinking about all those aspects when she was taking this photo, but the outcome is outstanding! Have a look at her part of the story

Picture Story: La Boca, Buenos Aires 

The photo was taken in La Boca. The most vivid and colourful “barrio” (neighbourhood) of Buenos Aires and birthplace of tango dance. We were on our way to see some tango artists perform in the famous pedestrian street Caminito when I spotted this man. He must have been in his sixties. His clothes perfectly matched the blue wall and his face matched the painting showing a worker. The expression of the man, sitting under the painting, seemed to say “I am tired of working, tired of walking, I need some rest”. I could not resist not taking a photo.


12 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #9

  1. I love the blues!! And I love the intense expressions on the men in this photo.

    • Oh yes, the blues of this picture are just perfect and I found this man and his posture and face so interesting! I love this feature, but to be honest, I love them all :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 198My Profile

  2. Cornelia Lohs

    Happy to hear you like my photo!!

  3. Monika

    love the colours, awesome!

  4. Margaret

    I love how the man blends into, and at the same time stands out from, the photograph.

    • My Travel Affairs

      Margaret that exactly the beauty of this photography :)

  5. John

    Awsome image :) looks fantastic in color

    • My Travel Affairs

      I do agree, but a b&w version is very good as well.

  6. I have pictures from Mexico… I don’t travel around the world (although I’d love to) but I’ve gone to different places in the USA and Mexico… would that apply? Or do I need to blog about traveling too? Just wondering! ;)

    Great picture!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Paloma You don’t have to be a travel blogger, I love all good pictures. Send me them via email Girl. Looking forward to seeing them.

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