Friday Lens Affair #25


Hermit Crab, Koh Lanta, Thailand

This week I’m featuring a cool photograph of a hermit crab from Klong Khong beach on Koh Lantain in Thailand. Taken by Marielle Green from Blazing speed of light machines. Marielle is a super nice Girl who travels and teach around the world! And you know what they say, you never argue with a teacher ha ha ha.

Marielle say: ‘I’m afraid of heights. I don’t like escalators or sitting in the balcony when I go to the theater. Still ended up hiking one of the most dangerous mountains in China and getting this photo at sunrise.

I’m slightly obsessed with books, prone to feminist and geek ranting, and a chronic picture-taker.’

Ha ha ha first of all big congratulations of climbing this mountain in China Girl, well done! I would love to do this trek as well! But I’m always all in for those crazy stuff so no wonder here!

I could easily use the 2nd sentence to describe myself! I’m totally crazy about books and reading, totally addicted! Chronic picture take! Here! I’m present! Ha ha ha Rants? Feminist rants? Geek rants? I rarely rant but when I do I do it properly! :)

Picture Story: Hermit Crab, Koh Lanta, Thailand

I spent about 10 days island hopping in Thailand this past January. My boyfriend and I were walking along Klong Khong beach on Koh Lanta. He kept turning over shells to see if any still had hermit crabs, and I kept shying away since I’m not into critters. Eventually, he found one that was too brave to scurry away immediately. I took a photo, but not a close-up; didn’t conquer the squeamishness that much. My camera and its super zoom carried the day.


10 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #25

  1. Emily Vee

    Aweseom picture! I am in Thailand to at the moment. Going trekking on elephants in about one hour. Will try to take a cool picture :)

    • Emily Girl, long time no talk, take some great pictures! So I can host you on Friday Lens as well! :) Have fun Girl!

  2. Salika Jay

    Haven’t seen anything quite like it yet. Nice capture! :)
    Salika Jay recently posted…Washington DC: Make The Most of Your VisitMy Profile

  3. Ray Ban

    This is actually exciting! You are a extremely experienced blogger. I have joined your rss feed.

  4. Hogga

    He’s so cute!
    Hogga recently posted…Weird Germany in the Middle of AfricaMy Profile

  5. Rachel Moori

    I love that shot! and I love super-zooming! But, what’s not to like about hermit crabs? They’re super cute! ;P

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