Friday Lens Affair #5


Yellow Cigar Woman, Havana, Cuba

This week I’m hosting a very striking image of cigar woman by Suzanne Courtney from The Travel Bunny Blog. I really like her website, this is what the Travel Bunny say about herself: ‘I love the energy, art and history of cities and am fascinated by cultures that are completely different to mine.  Food plays a big part in my travels and I’m always keen to try out new tastes, local favourites and street food.  I like quirky – both people and places.’ You can follow Suzanne on Twitter and Facebook.

This photograph of cigar woman intrigued me from the first sight. Not only because it is so perfect when it comes to colours set up but the cigar woman is just hypnotising! Aren’t they all? Quirky, bohemian, free, eclectic, mysterious? I love meeting such people on my travels and it would be more than amazing to meet this lovely lady personally! I’m sure it will happen one day! Once I will travel to Cuba! And hopefully it will be faster than later!

Picture Story: Cigar Woman, Cuba

There are lots of brightly dressed ‘cigar women’ in Havana who will put out their hand, who shout at you and charge you if you so much as point a camera in their vague direction. This yellow lady was different – she sat calmly near the Cathedral smoking her cigars (a few more lined up on her table to last through the day) and watched the world go by.

I’m not sure whether she was a Tarot card reader or if she was selling cards but I just loved the way she’d composed her yellow scene. It would have been rude not to take a few shots!

15 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #5

  1. Christina

    Your intrigue with the woman is definitely understandable. She does represent a very eclectic and unusual vibe, as you shared.

  2. Diane

    I love this photo! The blue and yellow colors are so vibrant and I can’t stop looking at the woman’s face. There is so much about her smile and the way she holds the cigar while observing her surroundings. I can only make up a story behind that smile and that look on her face. Lovely shot! :)

  3. My Travel Affairs

    Oh it is coming soon Suzanne ;) Watch out for it!

  4. Travelbunny

    The dog balances out the shot nicely – and great that he’s lying under the blue shutter for a bit of contrast in colour! I’m sure she must be a tarot reader as she has a very knowing look on her face – I think she’s knows something we don’t….
    Thank you for all your lovely comments – I’m looking forward to today’s Friday Lens Affair…
    Travelbunny recently posted…Bologna and a Penchant for PorticoesMy Profile

  5. Ric

    I wonder what’s shes thinking. Anyway, the background color is perfect for her dress. Great shot ! I love the balance. The dog complemented the scenario!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Indeed the dog is a key to the composition :) And I’m afraid he is slowly overcome the cigar lady in her importance….lol

  6. Raquel

    Wow, I love your blog, the pictures are AMAZING! Love this picture of the lady; a picture speaks a thousand words…

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thank You very much Raquel, I love photography and even those I’m not a professional I wanted to share my likes and pictures which strike me.

  7. My Travel Affairs

    Michelle I’m sure the dog is just sleeping :)

  8. Michelle

    First, i would love to know what she thinking about. Secondly i would love to hear her stories. I like the yellow color but i’m just wondering…is the dog dead or just sleeping?

  9. My Travel Affairs

    Mike You have a good eye, I was so concentrated on the cigar lady that I didn’t pay so much attention to the dog…now I’m interested to know….Suzanne tell us something more about it please.

  10. Mike Pease

    She almost blends into the gold wall with her bright hat and skirt. I’m sure she’s got a million stories to tell. I’m wondering about the dog, is he alive? :)

  11. Kris Landt

    Gorgeous array of yellow and gold hues in this photo, and a wildly interesting cigar lady…would love to know what she’s contemplating here. Would also love to get my hands on that deck of Tarot cards!

    • My Travel Affairs

      What I would like to is to have a chat with her and maybe some tarot future reading :)

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