Friday Lens Affair #98

Glasswing Butterfly, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

This week I’m featuring super photograph of quiet magical glasswing butterfly taken by Samantha Wei from Mytanfeet Blog. Sam is a huge animal lover and love to explore new places, she currently lives in Costa Rica with her awesome Tico boyfriend! You should follow this adventurous couple on Twitter and Facebook.

I have chosen this picture cos I was quiet amazed by this glasswing butterfly. I must admit I even had no idea such beauties existed. Oh well, life is a learning curve.

Picture Story: Glasswing Butterfly, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Picture of this lovely Glasswing butterfly was taken in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I took my brother and his friends to explore, hike and watch wildlife in a national park. Since I was the wildlife enthusiast in the group, I had my camera ready with me the whole time to take a picture of any animal we saw.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see much wildlife while hiking through the park. Not even the howler monkeys which are so common here! I was feeling a bit disappointed. Normally I see tons of wildlife when we go out and I felt like Costa Rica was letting me down.

This was my brother’s first time here and I wanted to show him all the incredible creatures that I get to see sometimes on daily basis. Instead all we saw were the usual and annoying insects.

As we were hiking back to the entrance, I saw one of the workers and a guide looking at something in the garden. It definitely seemed like they saw something interesting! With my hopes high, I quickly walked over and politely asked if I could ask what they were looking at.

They pointed and said “espejitos” which means little mirrors in Spanish. Confused, I peered over and saw a magnificent butterfly, perched on some leaves right before my eyes. His wings were see-through and you could clearly see his veins.

Butterflies are known for having beautiful colours and different patterns on their wings and yet, there exists a butterfly whose wings were completely transparent. I was absolutely amazed and snapped some shots of this beauty, it almost seemed like he was waiting for me to take his picture.

Normally butterflies will fly off at any sign of disturbance and they don’t stick around long in one place unless they’re feeding, but this little guy posed for me until I got the right shot.

Even though this was the only wildlife shot I got to see all day, I went home a very happy girl. I never even knew this kind of butterflies existed and felt incredibly lucky to see one and even happier that my brother saw one too!

4 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #98

  1. Dominique Goh

    Whao..that’s certainly very exquisite to be able to capture a glass butterfly. It’s the first time I’m seeing it also.

  2. Pearl Maple

    Wow, never knew this little darling existed, nature is amazing, thanks for sharing :)

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