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The Grape Crusher Statue, Napa Valley, USA

Today I’m hosting a great photograph of the Grape Crusher Statue in Napa Valley taken by Dhara Nargundkar from the It’s Not About the Miles Blog.

Dhara loves to explore her beautiful home state of California with her husband, and Europe is her favourite destination for longer trips.

Dhara’s photography focus is landscapes, and nothing excites her more than fiery skies at sunset when she is out on a shoot.

To check more of her great sunsets do follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Story: The Grape Crusher Statue, Napa Valley

The Napa Valley in Northern California is a favourite weekend getaway for us.

So I was surprised that it was only on our seventh visit that we came upon this magnificent statue, and then only by chance!

I love chasing sky colours, and I casually asked the concierge at the resort where we were staying about good spots nearby to see sunrise or sunset.

Imagine my delight when she said that one of the best spots in the Valley was right next door! All we had to do was walk outside and climb some steps to the viewpoint.

So, of course, we showed up at the viewpoint early the next morning, to be treated not only to fiery sunrise sky colours, but also this beautiful sculpture, called The Grape Crusher, that was occupying pride of place at the viewpoint.

It was a particularly poignant first look at this work for us, as our beloved Napa Valley was just beginning to recover after a series of wildfires that had left widespread destruction in their wake.

For us, the statue was a symbol of the strength and resilience of the people of the Napa Valley.

The Grape Crusher statue was created by Gino Miles in 1986, to honour 200 years of wine-making in the Napa Valley.

It was a tribute to the vineyard workers of the Napa Valley. The City bought the sculpture and had it installed at its current location at Vista Point in South Napa.

The statue is made of bronze and sits on a stand of river rock. The huge sculpture clocks in at a height of 16 feet and weigh about 6,000 pounds!

I was happy that I got to finally see The Grape Crusher, and photograph this iconic statue against a colourful sky.

This photo will, for me, always be associated with the strength and fortitude of the human spirit!

The Grape Crusher statue, on a hill overlooking Highway 29 from atop of the Vista Point, signals your arrival in Napa Valley.

It was created by a well-known artist named Gino Miles in 1986 and it is Napa Valley’s most famous landmark.

Mr. Miles created the sculpture as a tribute to the dedicated vineyard workers of the valley, in honor of 200 years of grape growing in Napa Valley.

The sculpture was purchased and dedicated by the city of Napa in 1987.

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