#I DID IT: Paragliding in Kazbegi – Video!

The paraglider is just a bunch of fabric, lines, and other stuff, a tool for learning about the sky and about what kind of person I am, when I fly. A paraglider stands for freedom, for joy, for the power to understand, and to demonstrate that understanding. Those things aren’t destructable.
— JR

I love adrenaline. We all know that. I’m always willing to try crazy things. We all know that. I’m more and more into extreme sports. We all know that. So when I have spotted a poster advertising paragliding by Fly Kazbegi in my hostel I decided to give it a try. No surprise here! 

Paragliding Kazbegi, Georgia

A last-minute planner as I’m, but only when it comes to travels and all things around. Normally I’m always super prepared and on top of my plans (my OCD is kicking off here). So I called the number to scheduled the paragliding flight for the next day, hoping that the weather will be suitable.

I didn’t ask any more questions, like what I need, how does it work, how long it will takes. See you tomorrow. And hip hip hurray I will paraglide tomorrow. Typical Marysia. Off to enjoy my evening. 

Paragliding, Kazbegi, Caucasus, Georgia

The next day I woke up after a long looooong looooong night of partying to a lovely sunny day, got breakfast, got shower and off I went with a smile on my face.

The paragliding school in Kazbegi is run by Ukrainian people. Great, nice and very professional people, let me only tell you! I have met my instructor, few minutes of little chitchat and we jumped into 4 wheeler. The starting point was up in the mountains facing the Kazbegi village. And I know that those days everything on Internet seems to be breath-taking but believe me Caucasus Mountains really are!

For some strange reason they assumed I speak Russian. I tried to explain that I would much prefer instructions in English (they both spoke English quiet well). My instructor said (with a smile on his face): ‘Marysia you are a Polish Girl and your Russian is perfect’. Somehow I wanted to believe that! I got a briefing, we waited for a while for good wind conditions and we jumped/run into air… you chose!

Paragliding, Kazbegi, Caucasus, Georgia

The beginning was the most difficult, my instructor told me to run as fast as I can and focus on the mountains in front of me instead of the cliff I was facing! Or at least this is what I have understood. Lol Easy peasy when you think of it; try standing in my spot.

We run into the air and after few seconds we were up, paragliding. The view was spectacular. The feeling was something I have never experienced before. Maybe a bit similar to diving in the sense of space expanding!

Have you ever heard about ‘perfect defect’, which is a theory of Universe expanding? I have my own little theory, that I experience ‘perfect defect’ the very first few seconds of every dive and now of every paragliding flight!

Anyway, You all know by now that I’m a bit weird and my mind works in strange ways!

Paragliding, Kazbegi, Caucasus, Georgia

The flight itself is very easy, as you have a pilot doing everything for you. You can relax and enjoy the views. Breath-taking views!

It seemed super short even though I have been an hour in the air on the 3000m above sea level! I guess it is adrenaline kicking off, as it seemed like maximum 20 minutes. 

Landing was unexpectedly soft. I was expecting it will be a hard hit but it was more like a feather slowly descending to the ground. Not that I can call myself a soft fluffy feather Lol

Paragliding, Kazbegi, Caucasus, Georgia

It was my very first time; but surly not the last one! Only after the flight I had did some online investigation and learned about World Paragliding Championships and many other crazy stuff people are able to perform with a glide.

I have a long way to go before I will be able to enjoy my first solo flight, but after all we all love some challenges every now and than. 

Oh, and it comes up my Russian is not so bad! Best prove? I ‘m still alive.

Watch me paragliding in Kazbegi!

I have made a short video for you to have a look; please do not be too harsh. It is my first paragliding experience and my first video making experience. I will get better I promise, at both!

You want to see more of I DID IT series?! Like what you read? Do comment below please. 

29 thoughts on “#I DID IT: Paragliding in Kazbegi – Video!

  1. Thank you Marysia for good feedback!

  2. Claudia

    I would never do bungee jumping, but paragliding sounds like fun. I am little by little also doing things i never thought I would!

  3. I just went parasailing few weeks ago here in New Zealand and it was so much fun! Paragliding is still on my bucket list, but I am saving up for skydiving first!! :) Oh can’t wait!
    Marta Kulesza recently posted…My Favourite Travel Photography Moments in 2014My Profile

  4. Samantha

    That is AWESOME!! I see people paragliding here in Costa Rica all the time and it looks so fun!! Great video!
    Samantha recently posted…Manuel Antonio National Park Wildlife and Nature PhotoshootMy Profile

    • Thanks Girl, it is a first video I have ever done in my life so glad to hear nice words :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #58My Profile

  5. Nina

    Wow, that looks spectacular! Good for you an so jealous you did that, I always wanted to do that as well. Looks like a great experience! :)
    Nina recently posted…The beginners guide to Tahiti & her islands: 10 questions & answers for first time visitorsMy Profile

    • Thanks Nina, it was indeed a lot of fun, but now I want to try in the winter, when I was in Tignes last week I saw many of paragliding and so want to try now with all the snow around!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #58My Profile

  6. I really want to do paragliding as well! Good for you :)
    A Southern Gypsy recently posted…Photo of the Week: PompeiiMy Profile

  7. Gorgeous scenery! And I must say that I probably would’ve bailed when the Russian instructions started :)
    Chamisa recently posted…Peaceful Paris: A Morning at Château de Vincennes with KidsMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha I actually understood them but of course English would make me more sure about things :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #58My Profile

  8. Gabor Kovacs

    What an awesome experience! The views are absolutely amazing! I would love to visit Georgia once, you are not the first one of my acquaintances showing beautiful spots from this country!
    Gabor Kovacs recently posted…Feeling small standing next to an ice giantMy Profile

  9. Carrie

    That really is an amazing feat! Kazbegi is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. I can’t imagine what it would look like from up high, but I can only imagine that it was utterly fantastic!
    Carrie recently posted…Photo Essay: Where I Traveled to in 2013My Profile

  10. Wow that is amazing; very adventurous of you. I’m not sure I could handle that but wow very cool. The views are spectacular! :)
    Marsha recently posted…Things to Do in ParisMy Profile

  11. Angie Vianzon

    Oh my! I so envy you for experiencing that kind of adventure.

    • Angie nothing to envy, just try yourself :)

  12. Becky Padmore

    Wow what an experience, I would love to do something like this but I have to admit I’m a bit of a coward sometimes! Great post and video too!
    Becky Padmore recently posted…10 of the most beautiful European Christmas marketsMy Profile

    • Thanks Becky! You know it is not so scaring, just a beginning but after is like sitting in a comfy armchair and watching amazing views :)

  13. Patricia

    Wow! You are one amazing woman… and I so envy your spirit and travels!

    • Thanks Patricia for your nice words!

  14. Shaun

    What a great experience! I bet the scenery really made it special too.
    Shaun recently posted…To the Edge of Space: So This Is How I’m Going To Die……My Profile

  15. Tom

    So amazing, and the views!! That hour must have passed so fast! Another reason to come back to Georgia!! Great video, if anyone was harsh with you after seeing this – the reason would be that they are just plain jealous! Well, I am… :P
    Tom recently posted…Old Dubai, Arabian Dessert and Cruise to OmanMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha Tom, so far nobody has been too harsh but not many people saw it yet, simply my first video ever so I was worried! Believe me, it is really worth it, I will surly do it again, would love to become more professional :)

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