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I lost my shoe when I saw you Mural, Lonac, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Today I want to show you a photo of I lost my shoe when I saw you Mural taken in Palm Beach by Kelly Stilwell from the Food, Fun & Faraway Places Blog.

Kelly Stilwell is the writer, photographer, social media influencer and a dear friend of mine how I met on the work trip in Indonesia. Follow her Twitter and Instagram. You won’t regret that!

Photo Story: I lost my shoe when I saw you Mural

Ah, young love, right? I discovered this, my favourite piece of street art, in the Palm Beaches of Florida.

This piece is named, “I Lost My Shoe When I Saw You” and was created by a Croatian artist by the name of Lonac.

This was his largest piece to date, but it only took him about a week, which I thought was amazing. It was also Lonac’s first stateside piece.

Lonac began painting as a child, and his first attempt at street art was right in his own backyard in Croatia.

After studying art in college, he decided to concentrate on his own style instead of what he was taught. He creates with spray cans and brushes, and I for one am so glad he followed his heart and not the teachers he was learning from!

In this piece, the boy has butterflies coming out of his head, he’s missing a shoe, and he really doesn’t seem to care. Do you remember your first love? The butterflies? When nothing else mattered in the world?

I kind of get the impression that the feelings are mutual, but I guess we can all read our own thoughts into artwork. What do you think?

If you look closely, you can see the artist penned his name on the book tied around the boy’s back. Cleverly done, don’t you think?

I’ve seen some pretty amazing street art all over the world, but this one remains my favourite.

You can see Lonac’s street art in Sarajevo, Bristol, London, Zagreb, and many other cities around the world.

I read that he’s planning bigger murals, and can’t wait to see what he does next. I’d love to know other street art that I need to see, so share in the comments and I’ll add it to my long list!

Last seen painting in his homeland of Croatia, Lonac was recently spending some time working on his 1st ever mural stateside.

Invited by the Canvas festival in West Palm Beach, Croatian artist another striking realistic piece showing that scale is definitely not an issue for him.

The piece titled I lost my shoe when I saw you mural is showing boy and a girl sitting on a bench and looking at each other. Using simple symbol of butterflies flying out of boy’s hat, the artist is telling a simple story about children falling in love.

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