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Monte Titano, Iconic view of San Marino

This week I’m hosting a photograph of an iconic view of San Marino taken by Kate Storm from the Our Escape Clause Blog.

Kate is busy travelling the world with her husband and documenting all the adventures on her blog.

When she’s not writing, you can normally find her on a hike somewhere gorgeous, swimming in a beautiful sea, wandering around a city, or planning one of the next thousand trips she plans to take. Do follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Story: Iconic view of San Marino

The unfashionable truth is that we planned an overnight trip to the microstate of San Marino almost entirely because we wanted to visit another country.

But, like most things while travelling, what ended up happening was unexpected: we adored it.

San Marino is tiny, yes, and entirely engulfed by Italy, but it is also quirky, beautiful, and fun.

As the self-described oldest republic in the world, San Marino manages to carve out a distinct culture all its own in a whopping 60 square kilometres of space.

This is a place that you can wander into the Parliament for just a few Euros (no tour guide or security check required), where the vistas are breathtaking, where there are no airports (if you don’t charter a private helicopter, you pretty much have to come in by car or bus), and where you can buy a passport stamp if you want one–they’re novelties, not required!

It’s also a country of towers, which is how this photo came to be.

The city of San Marino is located on top of Mount Titano, and two of the towers, Guaita and Cesta, not only face each other but are available to climb, making them excellent photo opportunities!

A third tower, Montale, is privately owned and not available to climb, but that’s okay. Two is more than enough to soak in the beautiful views of San Marino.

We snapped this photo by working our way through a museum of the armoury, continuing to the top, climbing a ladder, and stepping outside.

It’s a roundabout way to find a view without standard stand-in-line-then-climb-a-staircase style viewpoints here, but to get the iconic view of San Marino, it was absolutely worth the confusion as to where it was and if we would ever find it!

Iconic view of San Marino can be admired from a top of one of the Three Towers of San Marino (Guaita and Cesta are open to the public) on the top pf the Mount Titano.

Monte Titano (“Mount Titan”) is a mountain of the Apennines and the highest peak in San Marino. It stands at 739 m above sea level and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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