Ashkelon & Ashdod – #Israel Diaries

As you all know I love Israel. I think it is a superb country and Tel Aviv is my favourite spot on Earth. I come here a lot. And I’m kind of bored of writing general articles.

Therefore I have decided to start a special series of posts called ‘Israel Diaries’. In those photo posts I will be showing you the beauty of Israel. Little hidden towns where majority of tourists never visit. Quirky and alternative side of Tel Aviv City. Undiscovered streets of Jerusalem. Restaurants worth visiting and many more.

Today I want to show you how you can spend an amazing day enjoying the best of what Israel has to offer. Beach, historical site, busy markets and fine restaurants.

Ashkelon and Ashdod are a perfect duo.

I love to start from enjoying beautiful beaches of Ashkelon. Beaches here are of the best and most pristine beaches in whole Israel. The ancient seaport of Ashkelon dates back to the Neolithic Age. Located only about 10km from Gaza Strip.

If you are not a big beach person there is a perfect solution for you near by, Ashkelon National Park. Where you can admire Canaanite, Roman and Byzantine ruins. Churches, basilica, gate, waterwheel and wells. This time I skipped it and stick to the beach and relaxing with my book.

After few hours on Ashkelon beach quiet reluctantly I have made a move to visit big Netanya Market in the Muslim Quarter. To make my apatite before heading off to one of the best fish restaurants in whole Israel. I love markets, bazaars and souks. All the colours, hullabaloo, spices and the best and freshest orange juice ever. Market works only Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, have it in mind when planning a trip.

This district of the city is the most appealing one, rest is quiet new. Here you can still see typical Gaza’s style buildings. Some of the hold some famous institutions such as delicatessens called ‘Warehouse of America’. Which has more than fifty types of salami. Famous Herzl Street will lead you to the museum located in old ‘khan’.

I could spend hours walking around, bargain, taste and inhale the atmosphere. But I have to admit that after a longer while my belly informed me that it is time for late lunch, so I need to drive to Ashdod. Where Idi Restaurant is located. Idi is one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in whole country. I love coming here for lunch.

Although Ashdod has some interesting sights to offer. Such as Ad H’alom Memorial Park, the Korin Maman Museum and my favourite Ashdod Museum or Art. The main attraction here is without a doubt Idi Restaurant.

I love the Ashkelon and Ashdod Combo. You can easily fit everything in one day and still get back to Tel Aviv in time for dinner and night out with friends.

If you are thinking about visiting Israel, you should have a look at my Tel Aviv Guide. And if you don’t, reconsider, it is an amazing country.

4 thoughts on “Ashkelon & Ashdod – #Israel Diaries

  1. Gabe

    Ohhhh that pomegranate looks soooooooooooo good. I’m in the Dominican Republic and here they are not red like that and don’t taste anywhere near as good as other places I have been too.

  2. Shanna Schultz

    Israel has just recently popped onto my travel radar as a number of people have told me how wonderful it it. I can’t wait to visit someday!

    You and I share a love of local markets, and of taking photos of all of the beautiful food there! I could spend hours in a market (much to my husband’s dismay…)
    Shanna Schultz recently posted…Must Try Food in Santa Fe New MexicoMy Profile

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