Tel Aviv Street Art – #Israel Diaries

We all know I’m taking very quirky and weird photographies. When my mum watch pictures from my travels she always ask why would I take photos of all that? Window shutters, Vespa’s, bikes and bus stops. I just do! I like those and simply can’t resist. I have the same with street art. But I think that those days we are all charmed by it! Tel Aviv Street Art is one of the best around the world.

I love street art. All possible kinds from graffiti’s, sticker art, street installations, yarn bombing, street poster art, stencil graffiti. My biggest favourites are guerrilla art and ‘lock on‘ street sculptures. There are many cities known for street art like Berlin, Sao Paulo or Paris. But as I’m in Tel Aviv I wanted to show you some of Tel Aviv Street Art I have managed to spot.

I noticed big grow of those mural beauties for past five years when I’m visiting. Although I could notice some influence of famous street artists from around the world I can see that Tel Aviv Street Art is establishing its own, characteristic style.

There are certain areas of the city where you can spot them on every single building. Bialik and general area of King George, Allenby, Sheinkin Streets. You can always spot some good ones near by Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Contemporary Art and all streets off from Rothschild Blvd. Neve Tzedek if full of them. Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv Port, Florentine will require taking a spare batter for your camera. If you are fun of street art you will have fun in Tel Aviv. Just keep your eyes open and camera ready.

Tel Aviv Street Art Rocks!

If you are thinking about visiting Israel, you should have a look at my Tel Aviv Guide. And if you don’t, reconsider, it is an amazing country.

34 thoughts on “Tel Aviv Street Art – #Israel Diaries

  1. The street art is breathtaking, Marysia! Tel Aviv has so much to offer!

  2. Ernes of Tel Aviv

    The Yafo side of Tel Aviv has its great share of beautiful graffiti art, created for whatever it might be. I find most of them amusing, while a few are meant to stir emotions, I believe. Those buildings surrounding the flea market are decorated with colorful graffitis – making more sense to their otherwise decrepit appearance. I miss TLV big time!

    • Yes Jaffa has a lot of street art as well, each corner of this city actually :) I always miss Tel Aviv!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #62My Profile

  3. Iulia - ThePinkMoustache

    Some really great pieces. I’ve seen a couple of them before, but most of them are new to me. Tel Aviv street are is crazy!
    Iulia – ThePinkMoustache recently posted…The best 8 places to visit in EstoniaMy Profile

    • Those are quiet old I must admit! I’m off to TLV soon again so hopefully will come up with some new ones :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #54My Profile

  4. A great collection! The black and white figure in the 3rd photo down looks like Phlegm, but I’m not sure. Do you know him? My favorite street artist of all time! Happy New Year!

    • To be honest I doubt it is Phlegm, as you can see in another picture in the end of the post this ‘man’ is quiet common in Tel Aviv and Phlegm doest a bit different figures, much more kind of cosmic, from the future, fishlike, but I’m not an expert so cant say 100% :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #51My Profile

      • I’m sure you’re right there, the intricate black and white drawing just reminded me of him a lot. Always on the look out for Phlegm!

  5. Penny Sadller

    Great stuff! This city takes street art to a new level.
    Penny Sadller recently posted…Tips For Visiting AmsterdamMy Profile

  6. What gorgeous art!! I can’t imagine walking down the street and seeing such things – thanks for sharing!
    wanderingeducators recently posted…Taipei with Kids: 24 Tips for a Great TripMy Profile

  7. We were in Israel earlier this year and absolutely loved our time there. Like you, Dan had a great time photographing Tel Aviv’s street art. We are convinced that the city has a lot of unsung talents.
    Linda Bibb recently posted…#FriFoto – Jerusalem Market Stall – I Am the Bread ManMy Profile

    • Very true Linda! I have been already writing about it in another article, Israeli art is quiet original and specific.

  8. Becky Padmore

    I’m a big fan of street art, looks like there’s some seriously talented artists in Tel Aviv!
    Becky Padmore recently posted…10 of the most beautiful European Christmas marketsMy Profile

  9. Abby

    Oh, wow! So many different pictures, but all a distinct style. I’ve always wanted to go to Tel Aviv!

  10. Tel Aviv Net

    You can see more street art and Graffiti from South Tel Aviv and Jaffa in Tel Aviv Net

  11. That is so awesome, seriously. Locals are so talented. I though Berlin has the best street art, but I was wrong… :)
    Agness recently posted…Budget Travel Guide to Guilin, ChinaMy Profile

  12. J.

    I love how big the variety is. Some are really pretty and meaningful while others are just plain weird, and you’ll find everything in between as well. So I would say there is street art for everyone in Tel Aviv, really!

  13. Jennifer

    One of my favorite cities! And I love the beautiful Street Art!

  14. Antoinette

    Love ’em all, especially the heart bandaid! Street art has a way of getting me way too excited!
    Antoinette recently posted…Panamá City in a Heartbeat – A Photo EssayMy Profile

  15. Shalu Sharma

    Good photos and lovely art. I have been to Israel and is good fun. In fact, I loved it. Thanks for these great photos.

  16. Hogga

    Love the first one!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Yes, this artist is great!

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