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Koh Tao Sunset, Thailand

Today I’m featuring superb photography of sunset in Koh Tao, taken by Scott from Intrepid Escape Blog.

I have chosen this picture because I love Koh Tao and have very fond memories of this island! Great diving spot and some great people! Koh Tao Rocks!

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Picture Story: Koh Tao Sunset, Thailand

Learning to Scuba Dive has always been on my Bucket List, and I found myself on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand, where I spent two weeks getting my Open Water Diving Certificate.

Many backpackers stop here, it’s renowned for being one of the best and cheapest places in the world to get your license, and boasts some of the finest scuba diving sites in Thailand. There’s something magical about

There’s something magical about Islands in Thailand with very few roads, they have a surreal peacefulness about them. Something completely alien to everyday life in England, where I am from.

Incredible sunsets in Thailand are not uncommon, but Koh Tao and Railay were among the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

It had been a long day out on the water, and we had been to two dive sites, ‘Japanese Gardens’ and ‘White Rock’, the crystal clear waters were spectacular.

It was the perfect place to learn. Scuba diving for the first time is a real eye-opener, it’s something everyone should try, at least once in their lives. Here is a great guide to diving in Thailand.

Seeing the world from beneath the ocean gives you a new perspective on the world, and drifting along the coral with a school of fish is a calming experience.

I sat on the beach with a bottle of Chiang in my hand, relaxing after a long day scuba diving followed by our written exam, when I saw this boat full of scuba divers returning to the island later than the rest.

I had already taken a couple of practise shots as the sunset was particularly stunning, and then I had this opportunity.

I didn’t have my Canon DSLR on me, I’d left it in the hostel, so it just shows how right the phrase ‘the best camera is the one you have on you’ is. You can get a great shot from a cheap point and shoot!

The rest of the evening we celebrated becoming certified divers, a certificate you can use anywhere in the world.

You’re not short of places to drink in Koh Tao, but make sure you stay together at night and go easy on the fishbowls!

One of the best places to head is the Queen’s Cabaret, one of Thailand‘s many drags or Ladyboy shows, and I have to admit it was well worth the entry fee.

However, if you are two guys watching for the first time, you might want to avoid the front row.

It wasn’t long before we became part of the show, it started with some innocent lap-dancing, and finished with me being dragged on stage and dressed in drag for the finale.

I can’t lie, it was a lot of fun, so expect to be part of the show if you’re sat near the front!

Ko Tao – “Turtle Island” is an island in Thailand and is part of the Chumphon Archipelago on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand.

The economy of the island is almost exclusively centred on tourism, especially scuba diving.

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