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Landungsbrucken Harbour Promenade, Hamburg

Today I’m hosting a picture of Landungsbrucken Harbour Promenade in Hamburg taken by Yaopey Yong from Fotographee Blog.

I have chosen this shot because I really enjoyed Hamburg when I was there and this shot reminds me a bit of a city called Szczecin in Poland.

Landungsbrucken literally means landing stages but it is a 700 meters long floating dock, which is a perfect place for a nice stroll, great pictures and some amazing seafood restaurants.

Yaopey is a part-time landscape, cityscape, architectural and travel photographer. He also has a blog where he teaches others how to create naturally beautiful HDR images.

When he is not shooting photos, you can find him in the cinema, wandering the streets or up in the mountains hiking! Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Photo Story: Landungsbrucken Harbour Promenade

Hamburg is one of the big cities in Germany and a lesser travelled one. It certainly won’t be on your top ten list if you haven’t been to Europe.

To be honest, before visiting this amazing city, I have actually never heard of it!

So, how did I discover this place?

Living in the UK has the benefit of travelling to many countries in Europe. The flights are very affordable and the travelling time is short. When I was a student, I used to travel to many popular destinations in Europe.

There was one time when I had a week of holiday and didn’t know where to go. Having been to most destinations in Europe, I wanted to go somewhere new, somewhere I can explore and discover in my very own way.

I checked out the map, to begin with looking for inspiration. But after zooming in and out of the map, I still had no idea. Then, I thought of trying something I have never done before.

I decided to get the cheapest flight ticket from the closest airport. It didn’t matter where the destination is as long as it is somewhere I have not been! I searched the internet and eventually found the cheapest flight. The destination? Hamburg!

Not knowing what this place has to offer and without any hesitation, I took the leap of faith and bought the ticket! Looked for the best place to stay in Hamburg and was ready to fly.

The moment when I touched down in Hamburg I knew I was going to like this place. The city itself has many great architectures and most importantly, many beautiful scenes. I suppose this is something that excites a photographer!

This photo was taken at the harbour promenade (Landungsbrücken). It was in the evening when I took a stroll along the marketplace. I saw the sun setting in the background and I wanted to take a photo of the port together with the promenade.

I needed a vantage point but I didn’t know where to find one. So I turned to my Lonely Planet guidebook (I always get one wherever I travel to) and frantically looking for a miracle.

Well, it wasn’t disappointing! I found a place behind the metro station and I went for it. It turns out, this higher ground was right outside a public restroom! I couldn’t care less. I set up my camera, took some photos and went back to my hotel as a happy photographer!

Two towers with prominent green roofs mark the 205 metres-long terminal between lower harbour, Reeperbahn and Fischmarkt.

Located by the Elbe, the Landungsbrucken Harbour Promenade was once a landing pier for steam ships and now function as a connector for underground and suburban trains.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair 185

  1. Derek

    Awesome Post! While I have never been to Hamburg I have visited Bad Homburg! Not sure if you have travelled along the Rhine River but it was beautiful!

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