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Mirror Lake Hike, Lac Miroir, France

This week I’m sharing a superb shot taken on the Mirror Lake Hike (Lac Miroir) in the Queyras region of France by Lisa Michele Burns from The Wandering Lens Blog.

Lisa is a professional travel photographer from Australia and a lady behind The Wandering Lens, a travel guide for photographers that lists photogenic locations, creative tips and outdoor experiences for getting snap happy.

Do follow her fabulous photos and professional tips on her Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Story: Mirror Lake Hike, France

Let’s just start this off by rating my uphill hiking skills a nice 3/10.

There’s something about inclines that just make my legs want to turn around and slide all the way down again.

I mean really, who loves walking uphill!?

But, there’s also something so photogenic about mountains that I can’t get enough of. The fresh alpine air, the glistening streams, rugged peaks and epic landscapes.

They’re enough to make me repeatedly hike uphill all the while knowing the pain I’ll be in for later.

Which gets me to the story behind this image.

I was photographing a nearby hotel and village in France, Saint-Veran, which happens to be the highest inhabited village in all of Europe.

So, I assumed that if I was already up there, it means that any hike wouldn’t be too steep, right!?

Researching photogenic hikes I kept coming across this one location, Lac Miroir (Mirror Lake) and decided this was the one I’d tackle.

I read a blog post about the hike, it noted that the return trip was only about 1.5hrs so I knew at the bottom that in about 45mins I’d be taking photos and all would be well.

Fast forward to 45minutes uphill, on one of the steepest paths I’ve ever walked with aching calves, a giant stick that I was using for stability and no peak in sight.

Apparently, not all bloggers remember how long the hikes are, correctly!

Hearing a waterfall in the distance, we decided to push on in the hope that the water was coming from a beautiful lake where reflections were waiting for my camera.

Finally, about 90mins on we found it. At 2215m in altitude there she was, Lac Miroir doing exactly what I’d been hoping every step of the hike it would be doing…reflecting the incredible alpine scenery of the Queyras region of France.

The weather was still so without wasting any time I whipped out my wide-angle lens in order to fit the entire scene into the image.

I was using my Olympus OM-D -EM1 MKII with a 7-14mm M.Zuiko PRO lens that was luckily light enough to carry on the hike.

I snapped around the lake for a few minutes before retreating to the shade for a picnic to simply gaze at the scenery and prepare for the descent.

Just a little tip for anyone thinking of doing this hike…the descent hurts way more than the way up due to the steepness so be sure to grab yourself a stick or hiking poles!

Mirror Lake Hike is a great hike that allows you to discover the wonders of Queyras in France.

A route entirely in the forest, from the Pied du Mélezet car park. Hike across the Pont du Passet and follow the GR5 signs.

When you arrive at the junction sign for the lake, before turning right do go and check the waterfall of the Pisse.

Lake Mirror is surrounded by larch trees, such as the Lac de Roue (the only 2 lakes in Queyras to be surrounded by mélezin), as well as meadows in the pasture of the Prés Soubeyran valley.

As its name suggests, the mountains (Crete des Veyres, Crestettes, Point de la Saume) reflect on its waters.

Other hikes accessible from Mirror Lake: Lac des Rouites located above Mirror Lake. The Pas du Curé and Lac Saint Anne.

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