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The Gulf of Poets, Portovenere, Italy

Today I’m featuring a superb shot taken in Portovenere in the Gulf of Poets in Italy by Lily May Baron from the LilyMayBaron Blog.

Lily is a storyteller by trade and an adventurer by nature. She writes about my dirt cheap travel and tales of adventure and she makes art about everything else!
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Photo Story: Portovenere, the Gulf of Poets

Portovenere is one town with a delightfully named the Gulf of Poets.

Having lived in a bookshop in Paris that can be linked back to Hemingway, I was intrigued when I heard about this town that has played host to several authors and poets over the years, including the man himself.

If time travel was no issue I reckon I could get myself introduced to Hemingway.

The day I took that photo was a true adventure. I had been staying with a family in a town in the mountains of Liguria in exchange for childcare and help with English. It was on one of my days off that I visited Portovenere.

To get there I had to take a bus to the nearest town, Chiavari, and from there a train to La Spezia.

From there I had made the decision to walk the couple hours it would take to get to Portovenere as I thought it might be a nice coastal hike with some gorgeous vistas along the way.

It turns out that most of the coast in that area is a military base so instead of the vastness of the ocean all I had to look at was a very big wall.

I stopped at the nearest bus stop and luckily there was a bus within the next twenty minutes.

So, I waited, trying to really follow in the footsteps of Hemingway by constructing a poem, even if only to pass the time.

When I eventually completed my epic journey, I was greeted by the most beautiful little town.

I walk along the harbour until I reached the end where I sat on the rocks to enjoy some lunch. Later on, I explored the castle ruins at that end of the town.

This is where I took this photo. I like that you catch only a glimpse of what is a huge and complex thing through the window of a building full of stories.

The whole town is beautiful, so I was filled with sorrow upon leaving. Besides, I would have to contend with that long journey once more.

Here is a great list of other amazing places to visit in Italy.

Gulf of Poets is a dramatically beautiful area full of little villages, vivid colors and steep cliffs that disappear into the blue waters below.

Also known as the Gulf of La Spezia this area of the Ligurian Riviera begins at the Magra river including villages of Lerici, Sarzana, Tellaro, San Terenzo, Montemarcello, the city of La Spezia, and the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto. and finishes at the town of Portovenere,

The Bay is called Gulf of Poets because it was a favorite of  many writers, such as Shelley, Byron, Petrarca and Montale.

Portovenere is a typical medieval village situated at the western end of the Gulf, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

When you visit this village be sure to stop at the Doria Castle and the Chiesa di San Pietro, both of which boast fascinating architecture.

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