Friday Lens Affair 121

Project Land - Idan Hojman

This week it is a special edition of Friday Lens Affair. This amazing picture has been taken by my friend Idan Hojman, a great photographer behind ‘Project Land’ – superb photography book devoted to a journey of self-discovery and beauty through the Landscapes of Israel and Palestine.

Idan took this particular picture in Mitzpe Ramon, a town in the Negev Desert of southern Israel.

If you want to learn more about Idan and his photography follow him on Facebook and his website Idan Hojman Photography.

Photo Story: Project Land by Idan Hojman

I stand on the edge of the cliff and gaze into the beauty of the desert, into the vast space of rocky sands, the tones of red purple and yellow multiplying. A slight breeze is caressing my skin and the last rays of sun illuminate the land with warm grace.

LAND is a photographic project. A tribute to the beauty of the land known as Israel and Palestine.

Through the photos I wish to express a message of unity and peacehighlighting the poetry of the natural world that underlies a long history of man-made conflicts.

The project is an invitation to widen our consciousness and realise that in spite of our cultural differences we all share the same nature. We don’t own the Land, we are part of it – as fruits are part of a tree.

Getting closer to nature reminds us of our true nature. Looking into the landscape we can observe that there are no separations, no borders, everything is part of a whole and therefore there is a sense of harmony and beauty.

I am fully committed to this project. I see it as my mission to bring an effective message of unity and peace through my visual art. Powerful, beautiful images seen in this conceptual context can inspire people to recognise new possibilities and to join this holistic vision.

Especially now, in these crucial moments of the ongoing conflict, I believe this message needs to be heard.

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