Georgous Puncak, Indonesia

Between Bogor and Cianjur deep in the mountains lays Puncak, a perfect getaway to escape heat and busy streets of Jakarta.

Every weekend, every bank holiday, every free workday is a good reason to hop in the car and drive down to enjoy some adventures, horse riding and beauty of the inland Java.

Puncak Pass region (“The Peak” in English) is everything you may dream off after exploring the loud capital. Cool, fresh air; spectacular sunsets, calm and very peaceful atmosphere and greenness all around. Ideal place to refresh for your body, mind, and soul.

There is many attractions to find here, Botanical Gardens, numerous national parks and safari parks. Even one of the oldest restaurant and hotel in Java called Puncak Pass Resort (click here to read more) where you definitely should stop for their famous ‘Hollandsche Poffertjes’.

But lets be honest after eating those beauties you better get around to burn those calories. And there are really amazing places and activities nearby not to miss.

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

For all tea lovers and not only. Beautiful hills with winding terraces of tea bushes which creates spectacular views, best admired at the sunset while sipping some excellent tea, after walking or horseback riding around plantation.

Women pickers are still using traditional methods while working and the plantation is managed by PTP Nusantara VII, open to public whole year round.

Telaga Warna – Lake Warna

Beautiful and ringed by highland forest, the lake has turquoise and cobalt hues from the bubbling sulphur deposits around its shores. To lose the crowds, follow the trail counterclockwise to the adjoining lake Telaga Pengilon. Past holy Gua Semar – a meditation cave.

If you have a lot of time trekking to other caves in the area is highly recommended. After you are done exploring return to the main road via a narrow trail that leads around Telaga Pengilon and up a terraced hillside for a lovely perspective of the lakes, best vista and photography point.

Curug Kembar – Twins Waterfall

“Curug Nangka” as it is called by locals is located at the foot of Salak Mountain, but do not fear a hard trek, it is actually quite easy to get there and quite pleasant. You will meet plenty of playful monkeys and colourful butterflies.

I know sometimes pictures says it all but believe me it is quiet amazing when you see two waterfalls next to each other splashing in the surrounding water ponds from 100m above you!

Taman Bunga Nusantara – Flower Garden

The Flower Garden is located in the Kawung-Luwuk Sukaresmi Cipanas-Cianjur district and it was founded back in 1995 as a first flowers display garden in Indonesia.

You can admire a divers collection of unique flowers not only from Indonesia arranged beautifully, trimmed to perfection in amazing shapes and labyrinths.

The Black Swan is the proud icon of Taman Bunga Nusantara, while Peacock Topiary is the largest, created from over 25.000 flowers plants which were needed to decorate the peacock. To keep the beauty of the peacock workers of the garden change the colours arrangements every two or three months.

Beautiful and relaxing stroke through the park is a perfect idea for an easy going day.

Paragliding in Puncak

Combine flying tour with fascinating glimpses of traditional, mystical Indonesia and check out beauty of Puncak from above!

This option is for those who love ultimate adventure and want to try something new. There is company – Fly Indonesia, that organize tandem flights and training flights if you would like to step up your game to another level.

They promise unforgettable experience of flying above beautiful hills and fields on Puncak and soaring with eagles high above the cliffs and oh boy they do deliver! Not for faint-hearted.

Doesn’t Puncak sounds like the coolest place ever to escape Jakarta on a free weekend?!

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