Scuba Diving Red Sea Affair

Scuba diving, Aqaba, Jordan

The Red Sea is to dive for! I love scuba diving. Every now and then I take a special diving holiday. Like last time in Bodrum. Or I add some extra days to my schedule like this time. Every single time you go underwater it is the adventure of a lifetime. Therefore I’m still not bored of it. Every dive is a unique and memorable experience.

Red Sea Marine Peace Park in Jordan. I heard it was a photographer’s paradise! With huge canyons. Pinnacles and drop-offs to explore. Excellent visibility and a vast array of marine life. There was no way I wasn’t going to check how true that is.

As usual I was prepared. Checked the scuba diving schools. Got recommendations and decided on International Arab Divers. And as usual it was a jackpot! Amazing. Extremely friendly and professional people. A great vibe and outstanding diving.

I decided to do my Deep Dive Speciality. There is something exciting and mysterious about the depths that attracts me. Maybe it is the overwhelming feeling of exhilaration. Or a pure adrenaline rush. I can’t make up my mind.

All of the scuba diving sites in Jordan are located close to the shore line. I never did much of shore diving except for a few dives in Dahab a very long time ago. I was happy to become seasoned.

The great advantage of diving here in the Marine Park’s sites is the almost untouched condition of the coral. I guess this is thanks to the rich up-welling waters from the depths. The coral is vast and healthy. The fish active and the shallow areas are radiant with natural light. Scuba diving in crystal-clear waters. Exploring brightly coloured corals. Surrounded by fish unique to the region is my idea of a good day.

Scuba Diving Sites: 

All ten dives were cool. But there are some which I will remember forever! One of them was dancing the tango with my buddy. 36m deep. A crazy thing to do.

The Power Station and First Bay were great reef sites with big drop-offs and an abundance of marine life. The Tank, an American M42 Duster Anti- Aircraft and the playful octopus changing its colours while I was hovering weightlessly near by.

Cedar Pride was an astonishing dive. The Saudi Border was an exciting experience. Mainly due to an army truck and boat with a gun barrel pointing at us while we came up to the surface. After some long conversation about the possibility of filling up a diving tank up to 400 bar and crossing the border underwater. We were let free to pack and move to another site. Really? Do I look like my biggest dream ever is to find myself in full diving equipment on the Saudi Desert with 600km to the closest city?!?

I wanted to say a very special THANK YOU to Houssine Kaddachi, the author of all these spectacular, underwater pictures I’m displaying in this post.

12 thoughts on “Scuba Diving Red Sea Affair

  1. Sharon

    The Red Sea is a spectacular spot to dive. Very envious, so I must place it on my bucket list ASAP.

    Great pictures also.

  2. Jane Young

    Oh, the Red Sea. It’s one of my favorite diving destinations, if not my most favorite. It’s beautiful and it is rich with the most magnificent underwater lifeforms that you won’t see in other diving spots in the world. I’m sure that you enjoyed your dive there.

    • I really did, and I love diving! Jordan was superb, didn’t like Egypt, loved Israel when it comes to Red Sea, didn’t have a chance to try Saudi, but who knows maybe one day!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #69My Profile

  3. Emily

    Got certified last month with my best friend in Cozumel. Was fantastic. The very first dive was scary, after barealy 1 meter, I panicked and thought I would never be able to dive, but after a minute of relaxation, I was able to get down. Honestly, I didn’t see much on the first dive, too busy hyperventilating :) but the following dive was amazing: I got to touch an eel, follow a lobster around and a sea turtle, and didn’t even flinch when a shark appeared. And the night dive was just breathtaking and so exciting …. I highly recommend Cozumel to go diving, especially Paso Del Cedral and San Clemente Reef. Beautiful! Want to go to Maldives next, but now I might go to the Red Sea first …

    • My Travel Affairs

      Oh, Im so jealous! I so want to go to Maldives! I can’t tell if it is better but believe me Red Sea is spectacular and why not to dive in both locations?! Ha ha ha :)

  4. Michelle

    I went diving in the Red Sea last fall. I loved it! Glad you enjoyed yourself as well!

    • My Travel Affairs

      I have been diving in the Red Sea before and it is always superb!

  5. Karen

    The only thing that matches an experience like that is to be able to have pictures like those to remember it by!

    • My Travel Affairs

      I was very lucky indeed to have a great photographer diving with me to take those spectacular photos :)

  6. Jackie Park

    Marysia, this is great post. I would love to go diving with you. The pictures and your descriptions leave me speechless. Hope to see more posts of you in the sea!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Darling check my post from Bodrum as well, and there will be more coming soon, need to go diving somewhere! Soon I promise!

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