Lloret del Mar – Rolling the dice

After an amazing week in Barcelona I was planning to spend a week at Costa Brava. Relaxing with a book and a visit to the museum and house of my beloved Salvador Dali were my main goals.

One of my great friends, Mr Saint, lives in Lloret del Mar and had been inviting me for the past three years to come. But the ‘trashy’ reputation of this place, which came from a very tacky TV programme on Polish television called ‘Holiday Dairies’, was a big turn off for me!

I was seeking peace, to enjoy nature and tranquility, and Lloret del Mar is known for its social rush and party fever! And as bad as it sounds I am slowly getting over my Golden Party Years ha ha ha

I have to admit I was nicely surprised by the town, early May turned out to be almost tourist free (after all I’m one of them lol) and the weather was perfect. I stayed at the Fenals Garden Hotel, which was superb as it was within walking distance to every possible attraction.

I loved the Santa Clotilde Gardens with their formal hedges and statuaries. Set in a natural amphitheatre about 50 m above sea level, the gardens hold one of the most amazing views over the bay and Santa Cristina Beach. This is the perfect place for a lazy afternoon with a book when the beach gets too hot.

Lloret del Mar Rocks!

Costa Brava, known as the ‘wild coast’, is extremely picturesque and beautiful. On my first walk on a Sunday morning over the old battlements along the Lloret–Tossa trail I could admire the uniqueness of its rugged coastline, superb little beaches and hidden coves.

Another amazing trail takes you from Lloret del Mar to Blanes, and as a reward after a long walk you can get a perfect gin and tonic in one of the made-for-sinking-in armchairs in the Es Blanc overlooking an outstanding rock promontory, the Sa Palomera.

Lloret del Mar once a traditional fishing village dating back to Roman times still has many sights worth visiting. Such as the Saint Joan Castle and the extraordinary Parish Church from the Gothic to Renaissance transition period.

A great old town best to be discovered on a Sunday morning when most of the souvenir shops are closed, I strolled over its little cobbled streets and discovered some really amazing tiny sanctuaries and some old medieval architectural gems. So it isn’t all ‘sun, sand and sangria’, especially when you are visiting in the low season, like me.

Thanks to the tremendous hospitality of Mr Saint and his friends, I had a truly superb time in Lloret del Mar, some great dinners in La Campana and even a small reminder of my Golden Party Years ha ha ha. My favourite ‘gin and tonic’ and big smiles were welcoming me everywhere we went! To repeat an old saying: the people make the place! Always!

I love Spain for many different reasons, but the people and the more-than-perfect gin and tonic must be underlined!

2 thoughts on “Lloret del Mar – Rolling the dice

  1. Michelle

    You go to such beautiful places! This looks like a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thanks Michelle, Europe is truly a beautiful continent and so different. Lloret was a great place, and the beach so nice. But that was before the season!

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