Tel Aviv’s State of Mind

This time I have come to Tel Aviv strictly to have fun. A full week spent between beaches, clubs, Marina Pool Club. And numerous chic bars with my jet setter girls from Double Initials Team.

While White City display a little of ‘famous party destinations’ attitude it is a perfect city for escapism and enjoyment. Unlike nightlife scenes in major hubs all over the world Tel Aviv really never sleeps. Definition of ‘last order’ was unsubscribed from the language and long forgotten.

Local bars, brain pounding nightclubs, posh pool lounges, laid back basement dance bars, hippest pick-up bars, artsy hang-outs, You name it. Tel Aviv has it all and more. Nightlife here is intense and insane, completely off the hook.

City doesn’t really starts before midnight and many places heat up only a couple of hours later. A friend who owns few nightclubs in the city told me: every Tel Aviv week night feels like weekend and weekend feels like New Year’s Eve. What about New Year’s Eve then? – I asked. Well, it feels like the party at the turn of millenniums.

The city is a total contradiction to religious Jerusalem. A modern Sin City stands opposite to The Holy City and rest of the country. The only religion here is Hedonism. The specific vibe of the city most commonly known under the nickname ‘the bubble’ is their choice! While entire region might be perpetually on the edge of war, people here tune it out and concentrate on the fun side of life.

Tel Aviv Rocks!

I personally think, even though some of my friends will argue in favour of Beirut and the Sky Bar, there is no better place to party in the whole Middle East. Tel Aviv is way ahead of the competition. And there is not many around the world that can rival its party scene.

My Girls from Double Initials Team work hard and party even harder. We had no problems with sinking into permanent ‘holiday and party’ mood. Some kind of ceaseless energy lead us through the city night by night. From crazy wee hours night at Galina, to my summer favourite Sublet, via famous accident in YaYa to laid-back in Otto.

From best cocktails at 223 to private parties in Messa. From gay parties in Marina Pool Club to Clara. From dancing on the bar in Nanuchka to Cat&Dog. Notoriously knowns as one of the sleaziest hangouts in the whole town! But has one and one only plus – it is open long after sun comes up.

And all that in surroundings of amazing beaches, roof top pools and 300 days of sun. Can anyone explain me why haven’t I moved here yet?!

You will find a detailed list of best restaurants, chic bars, roof-top terraces and fabulous beaches in my Tel Aviv Guide.


2 thoughts on “Tel Aviv’s State of Mind

  1. Justyna

    Marysia, I can totally agree with you :) Nightlife in Tel Aviv is amazing and I enjoyed myself so much while visiting all those cool pubs, bars and clubs. One of the nicest party cities I’ve visited.
    Justyna recently posted…9 Reasons Why Traveling In Africa Can Change Your Life For BetterMy Profile

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