Best Places to Travel in September


Best Destinations to Travel in September

Here I am with some pretty great ideas (all checked by me this year) and hey kudos to you for being smart and avoiding busy summer months. Kids are back at school, the weather is still good and the wine tastes better than ever. Let’s travel in September! Here are the best places to visit in September.

Short weekend – Luxembourg City

Luxembourg - Best Travel Destinations September Travel in September

I have been to Luxembourg twice, first time at some boring meeting in my previous life and this year to properly explore the city, and let me tell you that to my surprise it is so much more than a business city.

It is not only beautiful but fun! Barrio Grund and Old Town of Luxembourg are one of the cutest and prettiest of all European cities. It is awfully picturesque and very walkable, so no hassles of a big city yet all the perks such as fine dining, shows, concerts, exquisite museums and a great public transport are there!

As a bonus, Luxembourg has like million of castles, many of them looking like right from a fairy tale and all of them maximum an hour drive from the capital city.

You are wondering where to travel in September for a short weekend? On the 16th Luxembourg city’s streets will be taken over by THEATERFEST, a perfect weekend to pay a visit not only for performing art enthusiasts.

To read more about Luxembourg click ‘Things You Didn’t Know about Luxembourg’.

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Long weekend – Trentino and the Dolomites

Trentino - Val Canli - Best Travel Destinations September, Travel in September

If you have few more days to add to your weekend in September Trentino in Italy is your place. The beauty of the Dolomites is mind-blowing and the food&wine combo is to die for. Just don’t forget your camera and hiking boots.

Trentino is a trekkers paradise, no matter if you looking for 3 days of hard passage through the mountains or just a few hour strolls and fine lunch Trentino has it for you.

As you know I love hiking and very often, in many places around the world you need to get involved in serious trekking to see some beautiful views and landscapes but not in Trentino!

The most beautiful places such as Val Canali, Pale di San Martino or Val Venegia are very accessible for everyone, no matter the fitness level, so what are you waiting for?

Trentino is perfect for a 4 day trip in September.

Italy among Croatia and few others are recommended as one of the most beautiful autumn destinations in Europe.

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Week trip – Istria and the Truffle Hunting

Istria - Best Travel Destinations September, Travel in September

I just came back from Istria and it was almost perfect. With one little flaw – too many people in August, therefore I do recommend everyone to visit when the summer holidays are over. I rate Istria as best September travel destination.

And hey the white truffle season starts on 15th of September and that should be an alone good reason to visit Istria. But don’t you worry this region has it all.

The beautiful coastal towns, pristine nature parks with water so clear you can’t stop staring and even little peaks to climb :)  A 360 view from the top of Mount Vojak is sth you will remember for years to come.

A week is ideal to properly explore this region and once you are there truffle hunting is a must. It was a true highlight of my trip, not only because I love truffles but hunting them with dogs (Betty and Candy) and learning more about this region and truffles itself was really fun.

I have met some amazing people – the Karlic Family in Paladini – the heart of the truffle region in Croatia and ate the best omelette in my life.

You can always combine Croatia with some neighbouring countries if you have a bit more time. Here are perfect ideas for spending 2 weeks in Europe.

Croatia is a perfect destination to travel in September – when all the crowds are gone!

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Long trip – Nepal and the Himalayas

Nepal - Best Travel Destinations September, Travel in September

If you have 2-3 weeks or more to spare Nepal is your destination. September is the best month to trek in the Himalayas. The weather is perfect and the sky is always clear and let’s be honest you want to see those grandeur peaks after all.

Doesn’t matter which trail is your cup of tea, are you up for a real travel treat, here are the top 10 treks in Nepal. 

Choose ABC trek if you never did a long hiking trip in your life, it is a great introduction to trekking the Himalayas. That is what I have chosen, for many reasons.

I didn’t have that much time, only 2 weeks for trekking as I wanted to explore Nepal outside of the Himalaya region as well.

As well I wasn’t sure my fitness level will be enough to do EBC trek which has much more steep climbs and much much more people on the trail.

I wasn’t only up for trekking experience but as well for cultural one, which Annapurna region offers.

Having said all that I know I will be back in Nepal to do the Everest Base Camp trek as well, I loved the ABC, I did very well physically so I know I can pull off the EBC too and Nepal is one of those countries you know you gonna visit again.

No matter which of the treks you gonna chose, the most important is to choose a good guide /company to do the trek with. I know many people do it by themselves but as I mainly travel alone I wasn’t thinking it is the smartest idea and I had a fabulous guide from the Nepal Hiking Team.

Nepal won’t disappoint you in September.

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Those were my best places to travel in September and I’m sure you will love them as much as me. So do enjoy those top destinations in September and tell me how did you trip go?

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And do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to travel in September to any of the destinations mentioned above, more than happy to chat!

Cheers, Marysia


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20 thoughts on “Best Places to Travel in September

  1. Dil Gurung

    Really happy to read about Nepal in your blog, yes you are right September is the best month of the year hiking around the Annapurna base camp trek.

  2. josec

    Wow, this article sums of the all cool activities you can do on the mentioned destinations. I especially loved Istria A 360 view from the top of Mount Vojak. Would like to see Mount Vojak once!

  3. Violeta Matei

    I loved your suggestions for places to travel to in September. I’d add Greece to the list, although it might still be a bit crowded.
    Violeta Matei recently posted…Meteora Monasteries – Organized Tours or Self-Guided Visits?My Profile

  4. Great suggestions. The Dolomites especially are high on my list, although I am also very keen to visit Luxembourg as well.

    September must also be one of the best times to travel, as it’s not quite so hot and especially in Europe popular spots start to quieten down.
    Mike from TravelAndDestinations recently posted…DSLR vs Compact Cameras for TravellersMy Profile

  5. Nisha

    Nice places and picture galleries are amazing. I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing this information is very helpful for me.

  6. Jon

    Great Article and very informative. Pictures are very inspirational and anyone can inspire to visit there

    • Hey, Jon if you want to advertise those India tours on my site just email me instead of leaving sneaky comments and kind of spamming my comment section :) Thanks!
      Marysia recently posted…A Girl with a Scarf visits Trentino.My Profile

  7. Tasha

    Great. I would like to travel to visit North India to enjoy this September monsoon. Thanks for sharing best travel places.

    • I’m sure North India is pretty amazing at this time of the year too!

  8. Kanchan Thakur

    Nice places. Pictures are very inspirational and anyone can inspire to visit there. I really like your blog. I can arrange our trip with the help of these tips. Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad to hear I could be helpful!

  9. Nisha Jain

    Lovely article.Very informative. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • My pleasure, I had a lot of fun writing it!

  10. aiman Parween

    All the place looks really awesome to visit.

    • And they are, believe me, I have checked them all :)

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