Friday Lens Affair #151

Volcano Ross, Volcano Ross

Today I’m featuring a quirky picture of Volcano Ross, best friend of Danielle Ditzian from Like Riding a Bicycle Blog.

Danielle is a crazy nomad who’s been wandering the world for over three years straight. She once hitchhiked 6,000 km in six days, and her biggest dream is to cuddle a platypus. Cool dream, eh?

To check if she manages to finally cuddle up with this sweetie do follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo Story: Volcano Ross

Ah, the tale of Volcano Ross!

Just before I began travelling three years ago, I was giving away a bunch of my clothes. A friend took a shirt with some beads and buttons on it and transformed them into what is now known as Volcano Ross.

He has travelled to over 30 countries and counting and makes friends as he goes. The general reaction when I pull him out of his purse is a look of this-chick-is-completely-insane, followed by the person taking a look at him, and instantly falling in love.

“What is he?” they ask. “He’s just Volcano Ross,” I undoubtedly reply. He’s my pal when I’m waiting for hours for a lift as I hitchhike along. He keeps me safe from bears when I’m camping. He helps me make new friends, and find the cool and quirky people.

Several times I’ve had someone need something from my purse, but not go into it out of politeness. I love to laugh at them, asking if they’d like to see what’s actually in my purse…

I then pull out Volcano Ross, a compass, a small elephant, a pendulum, a crystal acorn, and a finger puppet named Igor. That is what’s in my purse – little bits and pieces from various times and places in my life. The purse collection continues to grow and to delightfully confuse new friends.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #151

  1. I have a mini me as well..traveling with all the time and I took so many pictures with it as well ;). Volcano Ross is cute..
    indah nuria savitri recently posted…Crispy Morning at Central ParkMy Profile

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