Wadi Rum the ‘Valley of the Moon’

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Uniquely shaped massive mountains rise vertically out of the pink desert sand. Vast. Silent. Timeless and starkly beautiful Wadi Rum is one of the highlights of my trip. I had an amazing time in Jordan. Every single day was a delight to my traveller soul. Wadi Rum was breathtaking.

Weathered rock formations. Eroded by the wind into faces of men and animals. Dry riverbeds. Natural rock bridges. Myriad moods and dramatic colours. Dictated by the changing angle of the sun. Wind-swept black hills. High mountains. And finally magnificent desert scenery which took me on a journey to another world.

Actually we were taken here by an amazing Bedouin guide recommended to us by our instructor from the International Arab Divers Center. I’m here with an amazing girl I met back in Aqaba while diving – Miss Magnum.

Our guide was truly outstanding. His hospitality provided us with a peerless opportunity to experience traditions and customs. Which allowed us to gain a perspective of the timeless rhythm of desert life.

I found out that a traditional Bedouin coffee ceremony involves 3 cups of coffee. One for the soul. One for the sword. And one because you are a guest. If you ask for a fourth you are being greedy.

Wadi Rum Rocks!

Our conversations about religion and beliefs are not to be forgotten. Conveniently and collectively know as ‘Bedouins’. The major tribe of this region is the Howeitat, who claim to be descendants of the Prophet Mohammed.

Wadi Rum is the name of a region which includes a series of valleys stretching for more than 130 km. It is a desert punctuated with towering and very impressive jebels. Which have eroded into a soft sandstone over millions of years.

There is something special about Wadi Rum. Stupendous, timeless and virtually untouched by human. A destructive forces of wind. An overwhelming silence. Emptiness that allows you to finally stop your mind and truly unwind.

Nature is an incredible force. I always say there is no more humbling experience than time spent in the desert.

Wadi Rum is known as the ‘Valley of the Moon’. This is a place where the genius British officer T.E Lawrence and Prince Faisal set their headquarters over the Great Arab Revolt against the Ottomans. It is also the setting of the movie titled ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.

Wadi Rum offers some of the most extraordinary desert scenery you will ever see. And has lost none of its allure and forbidding majesty. The ‘vast, echoing and God- like’ jebels completely dominate the small village, tents, 4W cars and people. They are mind-boggling. It is worth to come to Jordan only to spend a few days here exploring, trekking and breathing in the serenity.

8 thoughts on “Wadi Rum the ‘Valley of the Moon’

  1. Sounds like it does not make sense to go there without a guide. Am I correct?

    If so, would you share the contact details of your guide?

    • I think you can only go by yourself if you have a car, otherwise you need a guide anyway. I went with a guide which they recommended in our diving school, do not have a direct contact to, but I’m sure everyone in that region knows someone who can take you, that how it workd in Jordan.
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  2. Michelle

    The photo at the top is so stunning! Wadi Rum is truly a beautiful place, you really captured the essence of that!

    • My Travel Affairs

      I love this picture as well :)

  3. Ar3k

    You took those pictures? They are superb!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Yes I did, thank You x

  4. My Travel Affairs

    I always tell everyone to go everywhere…but seriously it is an amazing country to travel in. Just not at the moment, it is way to hot now, maybe October, November ;)

  5. Jenn

    I have just recently started hearing about Jordan…all of these posts are really making me want to go!

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