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Yick Cheong Building, Hong Kong

Today I’m featuring a great image of Yick Cheong Building taken by Sarah Attaway from Global Gal Blog.

Sarah, a 24-year old expat. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona.

She is enjoying the last few days of her time living in Hanoi, Vietnam before travelling through Southeast Asia for a few months and then heading stateside.

Solo travel, adventure travel or luxury travel…She loves it all!

Disclaimer: Seems like Sarah closed her blog without letting me know, so sorry for lack of links.

Photo Story: Yick Cheong Building

I’d seen images of the Yick Cheong Building in Hong Kong when I was doing research about the city before my trip and really wanted to see it in person.

From my research, I learned that Hong Kong is all about architecture and food. So if you are a foodie check out this essential food experiences in Hong Kong.

But let’s go back to the architecture part. As a newbie photographer, I’m always searching for new angles, good lighting, and interesting compositions, which was what drew me to these buildings in the first place.

In order to get this shot, I was crouched down and back bending to ensure I got a big chunk of the buildings in.

I would have lain down on the ground except that the courtyard was wet from being previously washed down that morning!

Hong Kong has a large population; however, it is not a very large city-state so it needs to make use of all of its space in order to accommodate its residents.

This building is a public housing development in Quarry Bay, an area that visitors rarely ever visit.

Built with a small courtyard in the middle, these buildings offer little in the way of privacy as you can easily look into your neighbour’s window across the way.

I really loved the buildings because there’s so much life here. Each small patio is dotted with wet laundry hanging to dry, lounge chairs for sunning, and flowerpots.

Small local businesses line the edge of the courtyard. I imagine some of the residents work here.

The facade of the building is rainbow coloured, which also make this development more vibrant and lively.

However, this is a common characteristic of local housing throughout Hong Kong.

I think I would choose a blue apartment. You made it to Hong Kong and want to see the Yick Cheong Building?

Because of its photo-friendly symmetry and aesthetically striking architecture, the building has become a favourite spot for urban explorers and Instagrammers.

Take the MRT to the Tai Koo Station and walk west down King’s Road for about 5 minutes.

Quarry Bay is a densely packed neighborhood in Eastern Hong Kong, with more and more industrial and residential spaces opening each year, but perhaps no building is quite as condensed as the “Monster Building”.

The Monster Building, as it’s been nicknamed by locals, isn’t actually a single building, but a complex composed of five connecting structures: Oceanic Mansion, Fook Cheong Building, Yick Cheong Building, Yick Fat Building and Montane Mansion.

They were built during a population boom in the 1960s to offer government-subsidized housing for low-income residents.

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  2. Gina Gomez

    Yick Cheong Building is not that popular but it’s really interesting. I wonder how vibrant it’s rainbow color facade is?

  3. Nika Jane

    Thanks for the post, I wonder why a lot of travellers wants to take the picture of Yick Cheong Building. Now I know it has rainbow colour on its facade if I’m not mistaken. But what’s that color coding meant for?

  4. Yes, indeed…this is a most interesting building! It makes me think of the harbors crowded with all manner of little boats and teeming with life. BTW…what is a sweetheart?
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